Monday, 11 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #6 (Seattle)

Hey bloggers! Today I arrived in Seattle! Seattle is located in the Washington State of the United States of America! It's really cool here and it has a really big city! Anyways let me tell you what we did! On the way to Seattle when we were arriving to the airport I was sitting next to my cousin and I was so excited to be in the United States!

Me and my cousin @ Gasworks
 I was amazed at the big city it had! First thing I did when I arrived from Kona International Airport to the Airport in Seattle, we got picked up by one of our family members and drove home! When we got home it was already morning time and I had the opportunity to attend school in Seattle! Yes! I went to school in Seattle and it was very fun! I went to a nearby middle-school my cousin attends and the school was very cool! We got to learn science, and history, math and heaps more subjects I don't learn at my school in New Zealand, which was pretty cool! 

Downtown Seattle - Troll!
After school I got to eat Jack in the Box (an fast food restaurant in the USA) then we went to my cousins family members football game and it was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life! It was located in Federal Way High School football field and it was HUGE! I walked into the gate with my family and I saw Cheerleaders, A Band, Football Players, and heaps more exciting things to see! 

Anyways we went to go sit down in our seats and we bought popcorn, drinks, hotdogs, and candy! The game was really cool and we also got to hear the band! The band was one of the most coolest things I've ever heard! There were drums, trumpets, flutes, and heaps more! After the game we drove to Downtown Seattle so my family could show me what it looks like in Downtown Seattle!

We first went to a place name the Troll! It's named the troll because a homeless guy made a troll figure using sand, clay and a car! It's really cool to climb on! Also if you go to the troll you can also see the car in the trolls hand which is pretty amazing! Anyways after seeing the troll we went to GasWorks in Seattle! Gasworks is a place in Seattle where you can view and see the whole city! I even saw the Space Needle, which is a tower in Seattle! Me and my cousins climbed up the hill to see the view and it was amazing! After all of that we went back home! 

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By Mitchell.M 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #5 (Hawaii) Volcano!

Hey bloggers! So yesterday me and some of my family went to go look at some volcanoes! It was really cool to look at and go sightseeing so let me tell you what we did!

The Hawaiian Sacred Lands!
So the night before we went to go look at the volcanoes we were staying at an hotel in Kona on the other side of the big island! We were in Kona because we were supposed to go fly to Seattle but the flight was full so we stayed at an hotel!

They day after we drove back to Hilo and on the way we saw some animals! They were goats who looked like they could potentially kill us! Anyways we took some photos with these statues shaped like owls and we knew it was scared land which had alot of history on it by looking at an map. So we jumped back into the car and drove to Hilo, Hawaii!

The Cave!
Sacred Lands!
When we got there we met up with my uncle and aunty and decided to all go sightseeing some volcanoes! When we arrived at the Hawaii National Volcano Park we got to go up this path which lead us to the volcano!

Inside the cave!
The volcano was named Mauna Kea and had a lot of history! They last time it erupted, I think it was in 2008 or 1980. I'm not pretty sure, but guess what we saw real lava! It was really exciting and it looked like a lake of fire!

It was pretty cool and inside a gift shop/history shop we read some stories on history about the volcano which was pretty cool! If you have watched the movie Moana you would've seen the volcano - Te Ka which was pretty evil!

Well she was based on a true woman named Pele! Native Hawaiians believe that Pele a woman who eventually turned into a volcano erupted and is now believed to this day that she still lives in the deep volcanos! It also told stories of how ancient polynesians discovered the Hawaiian Islands and found that volcanos had been erupting when they already go there, which was pretty cool!

Anyways we went to these blow holes and out came hot steam which made me sweat really fast! It was really awesome! Inside you could see people had thrown coins in the holes and made wishes to Hawaiian Volcano Gods according to a sign there. After that we went to a cave which was really dark and had lava that used to flow in the cave.

Well that's it for now!

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By Mitchell.M
Blow holes!


Travel Blog Post - Day #4 (Hawaii) Wedding Day!

Getting ready some pig!
Me at the wedding!
Hey bloggers! A few days ago it was my uncles wedding! It was very fun to attend! Let's talk about it! So I and my cousins, and uncles went to my uncles friends house who is also Fijian and we did/made a lovo. (a underground oven). We helped grate some komala (sweet potatoe) some cocnut and more. After that we cooked it and bought it to the wedding!

Uncle and Aunty!
The wedding was at the Botanical Gardens in Hawaii! It was really beautiful! It had nice rivers, waterfalls, japanese shrines and bells, animals and heaps more. At the wedding ceremony it was very short! They just came up : sang some songs, said some words the poof they were husband and wife!

The layout!
My uncle and his baby!
After the ceremony we went to the reception where everyone ate, drank, danced, sand, and did heaps of exciting things. Me and my cousins, and my friends all went down to the river when it got dark and were hunting for pigs. There were 3 black pigs and my little cousin got scared so we started chasing. It was really fun!

Anyways chasing pigs we went to go look for soe fish in the Koi Fish Pond. I saw lots of koi fish in the pond near the waterfall and it was amazing. After all those adventures we had we went back to the reception to drink kava and eat a little bit.

My cousins and other family members were dancing lots! It was really crazy! Anyways after all the partying and fun we went back into the truck and loaded it with the leftover food and started to head back home!

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By Mitchell.M

Travel Blog Post - Day #3 (Hawaii) Fun Day!

Hey bloggers! The past few days has been really fun! We've been going shopping, to the markets, swimming, go to a wedding, and heaps more.

Yesterday I went shopping with some family to Walmart (an american shopping store) that sells everything there including food. I went with my cousins and I was very excited! Last week me, my cousins, and my aunty went to Walmart and it was really fun!

Drinking Kava!
They have heaps of things to buy there and I even bought a small camera to take photos with! Anyways after going to the market we went swimming at our family friends pool at an hotel. It was very hot that day and we needed a swim!

Me and my cousins!
I dived into the pool and jumped in with my cousins. My cousins are also not very familiar with the weather because they live in Seattle so it was very hot for them as well. Anyways after the long hours of swimming we decided to go back home and get ready for the tevu tevu.

Now let me explain to you what a Tevu-Tevu is! A tevu-tevu is a traditonal ceremony in the fijian customs/culture! Every couple must do this before you get married in traditional fijian culture. We bring heaps of pillows, mats, blankets, mosquito nets and more. 

We went to the tevu-tevu at my uncles house and started with some kava (a plant in the pacific islands which you distribute into water and mix then drink). In Fijian we also call it grog or yagona. When you drink Kava say "Bula" then after you have drank clap 3 times!

We ate lots and also went to bed straight after! 

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By Mitchell.M

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #2 (Hawaii)

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #2 of my travels in Hawaii! Well it's actually Day #3 but I didn't post anything yesterday because we were getting things for the wedding tomorrow. Anyways today was so fun! We went to the Hilo Markets and bought a range of stuff.
Me and cousins!

I bought some necklaces and bracelets for my sisters an mum and some shirts for my dad! It was really hot there and bought some soda (fizzy drinks) because we were dying for thirst. After all our shopping at the Hilo Farmers Market we bought some Japanese Sushi Rolls to eat because we were very hungry!

Me and my cousins then saw some very homeless people on the street so we decided to offer/donate some money to them and give them some Japanese Rolls to eat! So we did to 2 people! But then shortly after me and my cousins saw the lady we gave money too hitting someone with an umbrella! We didn't mind giving to her anyways.

We then went shopping at Walmart (an american store) and went to go buy some stuff. We bought water, fizzy drinks, food, snacks, candy/lollies and more. Then me and my aunty got dropped off at Ross which is also an american store!

We bought some clothes there for my grandmother. It's really cool. Now I am eating some subway blogging to you guys! We also might go to the beach soon! That's what we did today!

See you later!

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By Mitchell.M

Friday, 1 September 2017

Travel Blog Post - Day #1 (Hawaii)

Hey bloggers! Today is Day #1 in Hawaii! I am so excited to tell you about what we did! Let's begin. So yesterday : me, my aunty, my cousin, my nana, and my great grandparents flew from Auckland Airport to Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii, USA! It was an 8 hour flight and it was pretty boring. Well the plane was really cool because their was a screen behind each seat you could watch movies on, play music, play games and heaps more!

Me and my family waiting at an restaurant!
I also listened to music on the way to Honolulu too! When we arrived to the Airport in Honolulu I was so happy! We got off the plane and lined up into Immigration Services and waited until we could be checked! We then put our carry-on luggage onto a machiene where the security could see what is in your bag!

They stopped my bag because it had a small pair of scissors in my pencil case! Haha but they let us through anyway! We then waited for an whole 3 hours until our flight to Hilo, Hawaii on an other island would come by. I had some American Pocket Money and decided to spend some!

Arriving at Hilo Airport
I bought my self a wallet and a mini souvenir for my school bag! It is a small surfboard that says "Hawaii"! Anyways 3 hours passed and then our plane had arrived. I was really excited. We went on a smaller one than usual and flew to the Big Island Hawaii. We arrived in Hilo, Hawaii where my uncle stays.

Getting a flower lei!
By the way if you didn't know we are going to Hawaii for a wedding! Anyways we went through the gates and got welcomed by his partner! I got my own lei as well with real tropical flowers.

From there we went into the car and drove to his house. I was so hot when we arrived because the weather here is very humid and Honolulu just had a heatwave which was really hot, but they do have air conditioning! Even at night time it is really hot!

Well that's it for now bloggers! See you later and I will update you on more!

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By Mitchell.M

More waiting!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit @ Ormiston Junior College

Hey bloggers! 2 weeks ago me and the Year 7 and 8 Extension Group had the opportunity to attend the GEGNZ Student Summit @ Ormiston Junior College! We just arrived back! At 8:00 am - 8:30 am we left in the vans to attend the Summit in Botany! There were over 400 students attending the programme! When we arrived at 9:00 am we registered our school and got given some name tags with a mini timetable at the back of it.

We then had been told to go inside their personal school theatre. We had been introduced by some special people and we had viewed a couple of their presentations they had made to show us! They welcomed us with some videos too!

After the welcoming it was time to go explore more activities! Our first thing my group did was to present to other schools about PENN. We simply got the recording camera out with a green screen background, then we gave some students scripts to practice while we were setting up!

We went to different workshops and it was so fun! Thanks heaps to Ormiston Junior College and Mrs Lagitupu, Miss Vaafusuaga, and Tyson for the help!


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By Mitchell.M