Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mitchell Athletics Day 2015 Pt England School.

Hikianalia is the best house colour because we win every year. Our name was Takitimu but we changed it to the boat Hikianalia. Takitimu is the colour yellow. Yellow is the colour of the sun. The Sun is Strong and Hot to blow your face up. Our house colour was the best house colour than all the other house colours. We won every year and we got the best people to win.

On Friday the 13th November 2015 was Athletics Day. I rushed to School and got changed into my Yellow T-Shirt and Black Shorts. I was so excited cause I knew we were going to win again like every other year. I ran into the classroom and put clothes away and we left to the courts.

I was in the Year 5 boys. We went to go do relays. We walked down to the bottom field. At the bottom field were Obstacle Courses and heaps of other stuff. When we went to do relays we had these batons to hold. We had to run to the middle and pass it to that person then that person has to pass it to the person at the end and it keeps on going. We lined up in 5 lines. Then we started. I was at the back of the line waiting for my turn. 3 minutes later it was my turn. I was so nervous I but could do it. My friend Andrew passed me the baton. I ran as fast as I could to the middle. I passed it to Jonathan and Jonathan ran to Tom at the end. Tom ran to me and passed it. Then i ran back to the start and passed it to my Friend Simon. I was so tired after that. We kept on playing until Mr Jacobsen made this noise with the siren. It was really Fun.  We got 50 points. All the other teams got 40,30,20 and 10 points.

It was time to change over. We walked up the bottom field to the top field.  We were going to do Running. I liked Running. I saw 8 straight lines on the side of the field. The first 8 boys went to go line up then we lined up behind them. Mr Burt had this really big wooden thing. He said On your mark, get set and Go.
The first 8 boys ran really fast until they got to the end. I was really scared i was going to trip over or something. Then i saw my mum smiling at me. I wasn’t scared anymore i was now getting excited. Then Mr Burt said On your mark,get set, GO and clapped the wooden thing together. I sprinted as fast as i could. My mum was cheering on the side i ran and ran. I came 2nd to last but my mum was still proud of me. Then i ran again after the last 8 boys. I ran again as fast as i could. I 6th or 7th i think and my mum hugged me. I was so proud of myself even though i never came 1st,2nd or 3rd.

Then it was time to go home. My uncle and aunty came to watch as well. I was proud of my sisters too. They all came 1st in their races. I loved Athletics Day.

Thank you for reading my writing. By Mitchell/

Monday, 9 November 2015

Mitchell Spitting to Survive.

Spitting to Survive!
WALT: We are learning to find and use relevant parts of the text to help us answer questions accurately.

1. List the three ways spit helps humans.
2. It softens foods when we eat.
3.We would find it hard to swallow.
4. It keeps our mouth moist.

2. Which animal creates a forceful stream of water to capture insects?
a. humans
b. archer fish
c. spitting cobras
d. llamas

3. Name two reasons a llama might choose to spit.
When it feels threatened and annoying.
Spits at other llamas to steal food.

4. How does a spitting cobra use its spit to protect itself?
Their spit is poisonous venom.

5. What is the author's purpose for writing this passage?
a. to tell funny stories about animals
b. to teach the reader how animals survive
c. to express opinions about animals
d. to show how animals are different

Blogger Activity: Create a presentation or drawing or online paint picture that shows 3 creatures that spit to survive. Make sure include: Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 9.51.11 AM.png
  • An image
  • Name the animal
  • Why they spit
  • Extra info

Title: ‘Spitting to Survive’ or ‘Spitting Animals’