Friday, 10 June 2016

Mitchell 20 Hour Famine - Extension

Today is Friday the 10th and its the 40 HOUR FAMINE. I am participating in this years famine. We will fundraise money for Syrian refuges who have to flee their country. My friends Simon,Noah, Ajani and Kyron are also taking part as well. We are eating barley sugars and Just Juice. 
We are sleeping over with our blankets , sleeping bags and also cardboard boxes. In the hall we were playing games and performing group items. 

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell
9:05 pm - GO BLUE TEAM

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  1. Hi Mitchell

    Thank you for taking part in this years 40 Hour Famine. It looked like the Blue team had lots of fun at the sleepover. You guys were hilarious! I loved your group item.

  2. Awesome work son! So proud of you taking part. Love Mum xo