Wednesday, 30 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit @ Ormiston Junior College

Hey bloggers! 2 weeks ago me and the Year 7 and 8 Extension Group had the opportunity to attend the GEGNZ Student Summit @ Ormiston Junior College! We just arrived back! At 8:00 am - 8:30 am we left in the vans to attend the Summit in Botany! There were over 400 students attending the programme! When we arrived at 9:00 am we registered our school and got given some name tags with a mini timetable at the back of it.

We then had been told to go inside their personal school theatre. We had been introduced by some special people and we had viewed a couple of their presentations they had made to show us! They welcomed us with some videos too!

After the welcoming it was time to go explore more activities! Our first thing my group did was to present to other schools about PENN. We simply got the recording camera out with a green screen background, then we gave some students scripts to practice while we were setting up!

We went to different workshops and it was so fun! Thanks heaps to Ormiston Junior College and Mrs Lagitupu, Miss Vaafusuaga, and Tyson for the help!


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By Mitchell.M

Monday, 28 August 2017

Mitchell's Geometry Learning!

Hey bloggers! Today Room 5 maths class did some Geometry! We were asked by Miss Ilaoa, if we could build/create an mini rocket using some square/cube shaped blocks! We simply picked out some cubes for our creation and started building! My one had six shapes on the outer sides then 5 going down and so on until 1! You can see on this image here! : 
If you cannot see my image try zooming up!
Me drawing an side view of the building!

Anyways we then opened up our maths books and started drawing what our rocket ship would look like from different side views such as a : bird's eye view, an perspective view, and upside down view and more! To build/create a building simply put some blocks together and on top of each other!

You can use different colours and also make some patterns in your shape! I did also make some patterns with my shape by simply adding the blocks from 6 blocks, to 5 blocks, to 4 blocks, until 1 block

It was really fun doing geometry and I will post more about geometry on my learning evidence, which will be coming up soon.

See you later!

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By Mitchell.M

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mitchell's Night Light Reading!

Hey bloggers! This is my Night Light presentation I have completed today! It concludes of facts about the moon, space and more. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mitchell's Speech Reflection 2017!

Hey bloggers! Today I had delivered my speech today in front of my class and my topic I choose was "Why Culture Is Important"! You can find that blog post underneath this blogpost! Enjoy!

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By Mitchell.M

P.S - it's my birthday! 

Here is my speech video!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Mitchell's Speech - My culture is important

Good Morning! Here is my speech about why culture is important!

Reason 1: I think culture is important because it’s really important to remember your ancestry.

Culture! Have you ever wondered about your culture? I’m pretty sure you’ve been wondering about where you originate from right? Well you probably do know your Samoan,Tongan, Cook Island and Maori, but it’s time to think back. It’s pretty important to remember your heritage. Like what if you have royal blood, that’s something really important to cherish.

Did you ever wonder about where your great grandmother’s mother is from? They may be from Russia, Tahiti, or even Kenya! That’s meaning that you’re ancestors are from different places!

Reason 2: Another reason why culture is important is because your Family Tree and Ancestors may have different origins.

Did you know? - that your many of your ancestors have all came from different origins. For example let’s say your great,great,great,great,great grandmother from Tonga married your great, great, great, great, great grandfather from Germany! That may mean you have German traces in your DNA, if your grandparents have German DNA.

Reason 3: The last reason why you’re culture is important is because your language is important too.

If you’re fluent in your native language you have a very special talent! I think learning your native language is important because what if it dies out. Imagine one day the native language of your country has died out because people have forgotten or lost the traditional ways. It also represents your identity and culture and also your family!

Reason 4: My culture!

Finally let me tell you why my culture is important! My ethnicity conclude of Fijian and Tongan descent with some German. On my Fijian family I am a descendant of the Vuanirewa Dynasty that has ruled the Lauen Island since it first has been discovered so that is a big part of my culture! With my Tongan Family I am from the Islands of Ha’apai and from the Village of Pe’a on Tongatapu.

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By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's - The Space Race

Hey bloggers! Here is my Week 1 slides about the Space Race! We have been learning about space these weeks since this terms topic is "Guardians of the Galaxy". This presentation concludes of interesting information about the Space Race between Russia and the United States! Enjoy!

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By Mitchell.M