Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 20 - Return to New Zealand

Hello blog viewers! Today is the last day of the Summer learning journey! I am very sad that it is the last day! The days have gone by really fast. Let's begin!
Activity 1 - Meal
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I have been asked to imagine that I arrived at the airport and my whole family were there to greet me. You decide to go back home and have a special meal to celebrate your return. On the way home mum says I can have anything I want. I have been asked to tell you what I would choose to eat. I would choose Butter chicken,Macaroni Cheese,Bacon and Egg muffins and a really big Cheese burger. For desert I would choose Filipino dried mangoes,pancakes and heaps of lollies.  Image attributions - 

Activity 2 - Learned
Image result for learnedI have been asked to tell you 2 things I have learnt while I was in Japan. One thing I have learnt was there was heaps of cool places and you need money to go there so my thing I have learnt was to have money as a safety gadget. Another thing I have learned was to have heaps of clothes for different weathers that pop in any time. So use that as a safety gadget as well.
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Bonus - Speech
I have been asked to either post a short video clip or write some sentences of what I would say to my class. I have chosen to write some sentences. 

Image result for speechHi class I have just got back from Japan and it was really amazing. There were heaps of places to visit and they were very awesome. Also they have delicious different kinds of foods and really nice TV shows to watch while you eat.  I would rate this country 10/10, so go visit Japan one day and you will want to go back every day. 

Thanks for reading all of my blog posts from the Summer learning journey. Also thanks to Rachel and Mark for commenting on every post. 
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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 19 - Planes,Trains and Automobiles!

Hi bloggers. Today is my last day in Japan before I fly over back to New Zealand tomorrow. I will really miss Japan and blogging! Anyways let's continue with Day 19! 
Activity 1 - Transportation
I have been asked to imagine that the neighbouring was 30 kilometres away.  There are a number of beautiful villages and interesting things to see along the way. I have four options for this trip. I can take a:
  1. Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return)
  2. Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
  3. Scooter – 1 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops; $5 for the trip (return)
  4. Image result for biking in japanBicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops but there are some hills along the way; $1 (return)
On my blog I have to tell you which of these options would I choose from. The option I have decide to choose was number 4. I would choose a bike because it is very cheap and I love biking. I have also chosen to ride a Bicycle because you get to view at the beautiful villages on the way! I would love to bring a camera to take nice snapshots! Image attribution:

Activity 2 - Vehicles
Image result for hendo hoverboardI have just finished watching a video named "Amazing vehicles" I have been asked to tell you which was my favourite one. I have chosen the Hover board. I liked it because you get to stand up and ride like you are floating in the air. Also If I don't feel like walking I would just get on my hover board. Image attribution:

Bonus - Great trail

The Canadian government has decided to build the longest walking trail in the world. It is 15 000 miles long and travels around Canada. For this activity, we are drawing inspiration from this walking trail and thinking about our own footprints. I have been asked to create a digital footprint on DrawIsland Tool and draw a footprint with our name and the name of the country on it. After we can decorate it as much as we want! 
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By Mitchell.M
P.S I had really fun times in Japan and also learning about the country. I will miss you Japan. Sayonara - Goodbye (さようなら) , Mitchell.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mitchell Summer learning journey Day # 18 - Famous/Infamous Animals

Good morning bloggers! Only 2 more days until I finish the Summer learning journey.I will really be sad. Today is day 18 and today I will be blogging about animals. Let's begin!

Activity 1 - Zoo
I have been invited to tour the National Zoo with some students from the local schools. I have to imagine that I have just entered the Zoo. On my blog I have to tell you what I might see on my visit. I have been asked to start off my sentence with this : I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw… I have to aim for a blog post with 8 - 10 sentences in length. 

Image result for lion at zooImage result for panda at zooStart: I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw… a fierce lion who was about to get fed from the zoo keeper. He really stood out because he had very bright golden hair and his eyes were as dark as someone's black hair. The zoo keeper dropped a humongous piece of fat juicy pork into his wide mouth and it slid through his razor-sharp teeth. He chomped up the pork through his mouth and swallowed it. "Wow" I whispered with a really surprised face. Then me and my friends moved to the next animals to view. We came across this large exhibit filled with hundreds of bamboo. "It must be the panda's exhibit" I said with excitement. In the corner of my eye climbed a panda. Everyone thought the panda was the cutest thing they have ever seen. Everyone got to feed it with the panda food through the food tube. "They can be a little bit dangerous" the zoo keeper said. Then we carried on with the tour. There were heaps others too. The End.
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Activity 2 - Indigenous animals
I have been asked to tell you about 2 Indigenous animals that are from Japan. Here they are: I have chosen the Japanese Weasel and the Japanese macaque. The Japanese Weasel is also known as a  Mustela itatsi. The Japanese macaque is also called Snow Monkey. The Japanese Weasel lives on the Japanese islands of HonshūKyūshū and Shikoku. The Japanese macaque lives in the Nagano Prefecture or in Northern Japan. Japanese Weasel's eat mice,frogs,birds,and insects. Snow monkeys eat meat and vegetables. They also eat bark, twig, fruitinsects, eggs and small mammals. 
Image result for snow monkey
Bonus - Kakapo
Image result for japanese weaselThe Goverment are trying to prevent the Kakapo from becoming extinct! I have been asked to come up with one idea to prevent this awareness. My idea would be to make a   a animal centre just for them! Then searchers would look across the country to find as many Kakapo's as possible and take them to the animal center. Then all the Kakapo's can make families and then when there is enough we can let them out in the wild. 

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By Mitchell M.