Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mitchell Haiti Writing

What caused so many people to die in 2010 in Haiti?

In 2010 there was a very large earthquake which killed over 100 000 people in Port au Prince, the capital city of Haiti. The earthquake was magnitude 7.0.

Many people died because they were trapped under buildings. After the earthquake, people did not have clean water to drink, much food to eat, or homes to live in, and many people got sick from diseases such as Cholera. The roads and buildings, including hospitals, were destroyed so emergency services were not able to get to people who were injured. There were also a number of aftershocks.

This week, we are going to write an explanation about why so many people died in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

I am looking for sentences that add detail in different places, as well as correct punctuation.

Write an introduction: write two sentences about Haiti. Now write two sentences about the earthquake. Write one sentence to say what you are going to explain.

Start writing here:

Haiti is Located the Caribbean south of the Island of Cuba and occupies the Western third of the Island of Hispaniola.It is bound by the Dominican Republic to the East  of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2010 the Capital of Haiti Port au Prince had a huge Earthquake. I am going to explain to you why so many people died.
 The first reason why so many people died was because they had no food to eat,no houses to live in and no fresh water to drink.Some people got stuck in busted houses and they could not breath and lots of people were drowning in the water and could not get back to land.There is a New Zealand Foundation that is Called Purple Cake Day and it Sends Money to Haiti.