Saturday, 30 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging #14

Today I woke up in this big batch. I walked out of my room and went to the lounge and the sliding doors were open. It was a really nice view of Hahei Beach. We all got changed and cleaned up. We got changed into our togs and put sun screen on and went for a walk. Before that our dad cooked breakfast.  It was toast and eggs.  Anyways we walked up the road and there was the pathway to go to the beach. We saw heaps of signs saying how long it would take us to get there. We were walking to Gem Bay. It only took 3 minutes. The water was very clear. Then we took the walk to Cathedral Cove. It took 45 minutes. We were so tired. When we got there we got on our surfboards and started swimming. There were heaps of big waves. We were building towers with the rocks too. Then we walked back we were tired. When we came back to the batch we showered and played with the Monopoly and Playing cards and we also took a rest because we were tired.

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By Mitchell

Friday, 29 April 2016

ᗰITᑕᕼEᒪᒪ ᕼOᒪIᗪᗩY ᗷᒪOGGIᑎG #13

Today is Friday the 29th of April. Guess What? I am going to Coramandel with my Family today. We are going to stay in a batch in Cathredal Cove in Hahei. We packed all of our clothes in our bag and we cleaned up and showered. We will put heaps of photos of us up on our blogs. 

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By Mitchell

Thursday, 28 April 2016

ᗰITᑕᕼEᒪᒪ ᕼOᒪIᗪᗩY ᗷᒪOGGIᑎG #12

Today Thursday 28th of April. I woke up and went to the kitchen. We had breakfast. I had porridge. It tasted like Honey with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar. It was yummy. Then we had boiled eggs. Then we cleaned up and my mum went to go get something from work. Meanwhile we were playing and at Lunchtime my mum came home with some Pizzas and 2 big drinks of 7 UP. She also gave us some pudding and some cookies. After eating we went to the computer to go on it to watch a movie. It was good. Then it was getting dark and we had to go to a birthday party at my grandmas house. We got changed into warm clothes and we showered and did our hair. Then we went with our dad to go pick up some beds from my mums friends house. Then we came back and we were ready to go. 

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By Mitchell 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

ᗰITᑕᕼEᒪᒪ ᕼOᒪIᗪᗩY ᗷᒪOGGIᑎG #11

Today is Wednesday the 27th of April. I woke up and went to the lounge to lie down on the mattress to watch TV. Because my mum was going to the shop to buy something. When she came back she gave me and my sisters our UP&GO to drink for breakfast. We also made porridge. After we watched TV I folded up the blankets and put away the mattress. We showered,brushed our teeth and got changed. My mum picked us up and we went to go to the barber shop to cut me and my sisters hair. I got a cool razor haircut for boys and my sister got a zig-zag on the side of her hair. We bought some wax for our hair too. Then we went to the shop to get a treat. Then my mum dropped us home. We played and watched TV. Then at 5:00 my dad and my sisters crossed the road for my sisters rugby training. We got to also open 40 Disney movie star packs from Countdown.

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By Mitchell 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #10

Today is Tuesday 26th of April. Today I woke up and made my bed. It was a very sunny morning but also cold outside too. Then we went to the kitchen to go have breakfast. After breakfast I loaded up the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and wiped the table and the bench because it had crumbs on it. Then we went to go brush our teeth and shower. My sisters got all the clothes from outside and put it inside to fold. I was cleaning up my room. Then we were reading some of our Duffy Books. Then my mum got some drinks and some chocolate for us for cleaning up the house. After that we watched TV and played on the computer and Ipad. My mum dropped my sister to her Rugby Training.

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By Mitchell

Monday, 25 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogpost ANZAC Day #9

Today is Monday the 25th of April and it is ANZAC Day. I had to wake up early because I was going to watch the ANZAC Parade in Onehunga because my aunty was part of the Sea Cadets and she was going to be marching in the Parade. We showered and had breakfast and we all left because the Parade started at 9:00 and we thought we were going to be late. When we got there we saw our cousins,aunties and uncles and my grandma and my great grand parents. We were all waiting for it to start. We went into a cafe to go get some hot chocolates while we were waiting. We also got to play on our cousins hoverboard. It was so fun. Then finally it started. All of the soilders and people who were part of the parade were marching on the road. We took heaps of pictures. They were all heading to the RSA to have a meeting. While they were in there all of our family decided to walk to the Library Cafe and eat Lunch there. We had Fish and Chips and the Adults were eating there own food. We went outside to go play on the park and the trampoline because no one was there. Then my aunty came and we all took photos with her. She had to quickly go because she needed to go back to her group meeting. After that we were playing for a long time and we started to walk back to our cars. Then we drove back home.
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By Mitchell

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post Our Trip to Rainbows End #8

Today is 24th of April 2016 and we just came back from the Rainbows End Night Rides. I am so tired but it was really fun. At 4:30 we lefthome to Countdown to go buy snacks. Then from there we straight away went to Rainbows End. We gave our tickets and they put our wristband on our wrist and then we went to go play. Afterwards my cousins came. We went on heaps of cool rides. We watched the performances on stage and took heaps of photos of us on the rides. We ate so many lollies. Since we have been cleaning up around the house and learning our timestables this was our reward to go to Rainbows End. 

I will share heaps more photos tomorrow. 
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By Mitchell
12:17 am

Friday, 22 April 2016

Mitchell Blog Post #7

Today is Friday 22 of April. It's Earth Day. I got out of bed and went to go watch TV. Then we all went to the kitchen to go make breakfast. I made some toast and buttered them. Then we made the tea. Then we started to eat on the table. After breakfast everyone went to go brush their teeth and shower. After we all showered and brushed our teeth we went to go make our beds. We opened all of the curtains and windows. I opened the deck doors. It was very sunny. We all cleaned up our rooms. Then I went to go feed my dog Clifford some sausages. We made dinner. For dinner was sausage curry,chicken fettuccine and rice. I cant wait for tommorrow.

By Mitchell
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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #6

Today is Thursday 21st of April. When I woke up it was 7:25 in the morning. I went to go watch TV with my sisters. Then at 8:30 we went to go have breakfast in the kitchen. I helped cook the eggs in the kitchen and butter the toast. My mum was helping us too. I made the milo too and put it in the cups. Then we put it on the table and we started eating. After breakfast we put all the dishes in the dishwasher and showered. Then my mum had to go to work. I took the rubbish out of the bin and put it outside in the big blue rubbish bin. We had lunch after that. My sister finished training and came back home. At 5:00 we went to go outside to do get the washing off the line because it was dry.

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By Mitchell

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blog Post #5

Today is 20th of April 2016. It's the school holidays. I woke up at 7:30 In the morning and went to the lounge and saw 2 of my sisters playing on the Ipad. I was so tired anyways I woke my other sister up and all of us were playing in the lounge until 9:00 we had to have breakfast. I helped make breakfast and my sisters set up the table. When breakfast was ready we went to go eat. After we ate we brushed our teeth and got changed. We wiped the table and washed all of the dishes. My sister Levonah washed,I rinsed and my sister madi dryed. After that my mum came. She came from her lunch break to pick us up. We went to the bakery and the dairy to go by lunch. Then she dropped us back home. We were watching tv, playing on the Ipad and the computer. Then we showered. Now we have to learn our times tables. At 5:00 my sister and my mum crossed the road to go to her rugby training. She was really good. Now we are just cooking dinner for dinner is Chicken Fettuccine. Me and my sister Levonah helped cut up the chicken. 

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By Mitchell.


Mitchell Holiday Post 4 Writing

Once there was a Family called the Ogino Family. They lived in Yamanashi in Japan. They were moving to a small town in Kyoto near Tokyo. In the Ogino family was a dad named Luki, the mum Reibun and the daughter Chihiro. They were driving to their new house and was nearly there but Chihiro’s dad took a wrong turn and went into an abandoned theme park. They stopped outside and walked in. Chihiro’s dad could smell some food and walk towards the smell. They stepped on some rocks to get to the other side of the river.

They followed him and kept on following him until they were there. It was a restaurant and all the food was just left out on the desk. So Chihiro’s Parents decided to pay them later when they came back. Chihiro's Parents were eating and gobbling up all of the food hungrily but Chihiro did not want to eat any food. “It’s so crispy and tender” Chihiro’s Mum said. “I don’t wanna eat anything” Chihiro Said. She went to go explore the town but suddenly this teenage boy Haku told her to leave straight away.

Image result for spirited awayHe told her that the lights are lighting up but she was confused what it meant. “Cross the river with your parents NOW !.” She went to go get her parents but when she got to the place they were eating they got turn into PIGS by a witch Yubaba for eating the spirits food. “Ahhhhhhhh” she screamed She ran away and hid behind this house. Haku heard her crying so he walked to her and tried to help her to see what was wrong.
Image result for spirited away
Keep reading my blog to read part 2.
Thanks for reading. By Hayao Miyazaki Image result for spirited away

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #3

Today is Tuesday the 19th and the holidays just started. When I woke up I went to the lounge. My sister was on the Ipad and my other sister was sleeping in her room and the other sister went to go shopping with my mum. I sat down on the couch to go watch TV. When they came back from shopping we went to the kitchen. I helped make Breakfast at home. We all sat down when it was ready and then we ate. After breakfast we all brushed our teeth and went in the lounge. We all watched TV and played on the computer and the Ipad. 1 hour later we got changed and got ready to go to my sisters Rugby training at the reserve. While she was training we went to Mc Donalds to go buy some Frozen cokes because it was so sunny and hot. Then we went to the bakery to go by some pies for us to eat. Then we went back to the reserve for her training. When my sisters training finished we went back home. It was the Afternoon and It was getting boring so we decided to go to the park across the road. I helped my sisters cross the road. We stayed at the park for 2 hours and we were playing tag. It was so fun. Then at 6:00 pm we came back home we showered .

Thanks for Reading my holiday blog posts. I will keep posting up more of what I did in the holidays every day so you guys can see.

By Mitchell

Monday, 18 April 2016

Mitchell Holiday Post #2

Today is Monday the 18th of April the school holidays! I woke up at nine in the morning and the sun was shining on my face. I wanted to sleep in for a long time. I walked into the kitchen and ate breakfast. After breakfast I brushed my teeth. I helped out in the house by washing all the dishes for mum and my sisters dried them. I also fed my pet dog clifford all of his food. After that we went outside to the back to go take all of the clothes in from the washing line. Me and my sisters put all of the clothes in the basket for us to put inside and fold. Then we went to go learn our maths work our mum wanted us to do. She made sure that we had to learn all of our times tables. Finally when we learnt them we got to play. We were playing on the Computer, Ipad and we were watching TV for 1 hour. The hour later my mum came back work on her lunch break and came to make lunch. We went to countdown to buy the ingredients then we went home to cook. My mum was cooking chicken fettuccine. While she was making it I went to go take a shower. I felt like I needed to go to the pools. I got changed and Lunch. We all sat down on the kitchen table and ate. My mum went back to work and we went back to playing. It was getting dark and my dad just came back from work and my mum just came 15 minutes later. She needed to go to her friends birthday party. I helped make dinner and made the milo for me and my sisters and we ate the leftover chicken fettuccine. Then my mum got changed and went to the party. We went 20 minutes later to go play with the kids at the birthday. My dad went to go back to work to go build something. Then we came back home. Thank you for reading.

By Mitchell

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Mitchell Blues VS Sharks Game Holiday Post #1

Guess What ? Tonight I just came back from the Blue VS Sharks Game at Eden Park. 

At 7:00 me and my family all jumped in the car with all our food and drinks and headed off to Eden Park. When we go there we parked on the side of the road and walked down the hill. When we walked into the gates there were thousands of people walking and sitting down on chairs getting ready for the game. We walked in and the security team scanned our tickets. The game started at 7:35 so we were pretty early. When we went to go sit down we went and sat next to the Year 5 & 6 Mixed and Girls team. Everyone was there with Miss Va'afusuaga and Mr Moran. We sat down for a few minutes holding up flags and balloons and then we heard most people cheering and coming in was the Sharks. Then the Blues came walking in. Everyone started cheering and fire flames started coming out of small black holes. Then they were getting on the field. Then the ref whistled out and then the game started. It was a very good game. Blues won against sharks from 23/18. Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mitchell WK 2 Problem Solving

Mitchell FiaFia Recount

Last week on Thursday the 7th of April was FiaFia Night. All of the groups have been practicing for weeks and weeks and it was time to perform. At 7:00 pm I came to school. I saw heaps of people selling delicious yummy food.

I first went to the classroom that my group was at. So I ran to Room 15 with my family to put my costumes on. I was in the Fijian Group. We we were going to perform a traditional meke (dance) taught by my aunty. When I came In with my sisters and family I took off my t-shirt and put on a brown grasskirt.

 Then I put on a green thing made out of leaves around my feet and wrist's. I took off my jacket and shoes and my uncle put some oil on me. Then I put some black paint on my face. All the girls also put some black paint and green leis around their hands and wrist too.

But the girls were wearing a tapa cloth around them instead of grass skirts. Once everyone was ready Mr Burt called out on the speaker for everyone to go through the library and sit down in their lines. Once everyone sat down FiaFia 2016 started.

Mr Burt and the prefects came on stage and introduced our FiaFia to the parents. Then It was time for Kapa Haka. Kapa Haka was really good. We were 12th to perform. I was very nervous. Then It was time for us to perform.

We went to the back of the stage and we got our black sticks. Then we went on stage. Everyone was cheering for us. I was standing were I was supposed to be and stayed there until the music played. They music played then played again. I thought the song was going to not play and just stop.

Anyways It played again then we started again. Then everyone in my group started dancing. It was so fun. I just wish we could do it again. It was about 3 minutes. Everyone was in time. It was the best FiaFia.

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell

Monday, 11 April 2016

Mitchell Duffy Theater Blog Post

On Tuesday the 9th of February I walked into my very new class I just started a week ago and just got told that we were going to go watch a Duffy Theater in the Hall. That was my first time having a Duffy Theater this year. I was very excited. I put my chair on my bag and headed off with the class. We walked to the hall to see what was happening. There was a Medium sized wall in front of the stage and glued on was heaps of papers and pictures. Everyone sat down quietly. All the children from Year 1- 8 got to watch this show but in different times. We listened to these people called Tevita, Simon, and Talia. The show was named Duffys Time Travel Mission. All of the props and costumes they used were Awesome!.

Year 5 & 6 Camp Review

The blog that I reviewed was Samoa's. Here is the link to her blog Samoa Blog Retell. On her first slide she talked about the Year 5 kids coming to camp for the first time. She also talked about Parents and Teachers who volunteered to cook and make breakfast,lunch and dinner for all the campers.

On her second slide she talked about what camp groups there were at camp. All the camp groups had to start with the word Kind under our topic Make Kindness go Viral. She told the audience the names and the meanings on the group. She also told us who were the leaders of the group and the teacher.

Her third slide was about her group the Kindonators. She talked about her being leaders with Ajani and their teachers Mr Somerville and Miss West. She said that her group was awesome and they picked the Song wake me up before you go. They copied some dance moves off Just Dance.

The 4th slide she talked about the cool Camp Activities everyone did. She talked about the Activity Killing Fields or in Nicer words Top town. In her paragrapgh she said that they had to fight with water balloons in a square and if they touched the ground the would be out of the game.

The 5th slide was about everyone's amazing trip to Papakura Pools. She said that their was an Indoor and Outdoor pool and said that their was a Warm and Cold Pool. She said that the inside pool had a button and when you press the button it would make very big Waves.

Slide 6 was about our Camp Concert. In her paragraph she said that all of the camp groups was very cool and had very cool songs to play and very cool dance moves. She also said who came 1st , 2nd and 3rd in our whole camp groups.

Her last slide was a big thank you to everyone who helped out to all of the teachers who volunteered to help out. Thank you for reading my review.,

By Mitchell.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Mitchell Compare and Contrast - (Extension)

Mitchell Extension Group MTV

Kyron group MTV from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Reflection - My group for Extension had to create a MTV to show others about our terms topic Make Kindness go viral. My Friends Kyron, Me, Daisy, Ana and Nasibah created this movie to show what Kindness is doing around our school. We used a camera and filmed around our school with my friends what we wrote down on our storyboard. We did a compare and contrast in this movie for people to see what to do and not what to do. In this movie we will also show you what Pt Englanders do to Learn, Create and Share. What could've been better is one of the camera shots in this film. It was kind of moving really bad. What I liked about the film is everyone participated and helped to create this movie and everyone in this film was included. I did most editing on I Movie and everyone else filmed and acted out. Thanks for watching.

 By Mitchell

Friday, 1 April 2016

Mitchell Year 5 & 6 Camp - Recount Presentation

WALT: write an interesting recount. Our task was to create our own presentation about camp. We had to write a recount which explains what we did at camp. We could change the fonts, colours, backrounds and add pictures taken from camp to add on the presentation. We would like you to experience Year 5 & 6 camp and feel like you were there with us. - Mitchell.