Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mitchell's Tech Dish - Savoury Bites!

Today at tech at Tamaki College we made Savoury Bites. Yummy! Here is a picture:

We made them with flour,sweet chilli, and other ingredients. Thank you Miss Heka.
From Mitchell.M

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mitchell's Water Crisis in Auckland!

Here is my presentation about the recent water crisis in Auckland. Make sure you save water!

Mitchell - Writing Explanation 2017 (Results)

Good morning! Today we got the results for our writing test we did in February. We got the results on a piece of paper along with the writing we did in Feb. The story we had to write about was a special place in our community. I wrote about the Glen Innes library and talked about how the space/place was special to me.
Image result for Writing
Image attribution:

We got marked on Ideas, Structure, Organisation, Vocabulary, Sentence, Punctuation, and Spelling. I got 6 fives and 1 six for all of them. I was really good in all of them because I got high marks on all the subjects we had to write about.

It was a really special place to me because books are really special treasure to me! Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell.M

Friday, 24 March 2017

Mitchell's Number Knowledge Review - 2017

WALT -  Use our new number knowledge to solve equations. 
Hey! In these slides are questions mostly based on decimals and fractions. We answered by using our basic number knowledge we learnt through the week. 
Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's Water Worries - 2017

Hey bloggers! This presentation is about Water worries. We have been asked to answer questions within the presentation and have evidence from other text to support the questions in these slides. Enjoy.

Mitchell Tech Dish - Chicken Goujons and Potatoes

 Hey bloggers! Today we the (Year 7's) went to tech as usual on Thursday mornings. Tech is held at the nearby secondary school - Tamaki College.  You are put into groups for the rest of the term and have to choose a buddy to help cook with you. The groups include: Hard Materials, Arts, Graphics, and Cooking. I was very fortunate to be put into the Cooking group with Miss Heka. 

Well this was at the start of the term so let's fast forward to today! We walked inside the big cooking area washed our hands, dried hands then put aprons on! Then we went to our kitchens! 

First of all we got all of the kitchen supplies to make food! Then next we got the ingredients. Here's how we made it. 1 person had to go get out the cooking supplies while the other one had to get the ingredients (which was me). I got a plate with some chicken breasts, 4 tablespoons of flour in a large bowl, 4 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, and some mixed herbs and oil. Plus an egg.

We put all of the ingredients in separate bowls to dip the chicken into. I cut the chicken into thin strips and dipped them into the separate bowls. Then I started to cook them on the pan with some cooking oil.

Then when the potatoes where cut we put it on a cooking tray and put it in a huge oven. Then the chicken and potatoes were ready! We served it on our bowls and it was done!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Big 2017 Polynesian Celebration!

Chehuuuuu! Guess what? Yesterday Team 5 got the opportunity to experience the 2nd day of Polyfest along with some other schools! The trip was for us to experience and learn more about our Polynesian culture. The stages that had cultural groups performing on were the Maori stage, Cook Island stage and the Diversity Stage! I really wanted to watch the Samoan and Tongan stages but they start on Friday and Saturday! We arrived on a bus and waited in line for about 5-10 minutes then we got to go inside well actually outside.

My 1st highlight happened when we arrived and got to attend some of the workshops. Some workshops were finding out about the ancient culture and traditions about our people.  Plus we saw a lot of stalls selling Island related stuff you could wear and eat. My group also got to go to a workshop called “Te Wananga o Aotearoa where they, had a 360 degree camera and record us with some cool moves!

ASB Polyfest 2017 Logo.
After participating in all of these fun workshops we had the opportunity to get into groups and spread wild! We got to go to different stages to watch people perform, do fun activities and heaps more! Even some of my family was there cheering on my cousin, as she was performing on Diversity Stage in the Fijian group. Also today, my aunty will be performing in a Tongan group for AGGS. After watching a few performances we were hot and dying to jump into a pool. We were so exhausted we went to buy some drinks to cool us down. Finally we got to watch some real action go on with the hard pukana’s and the hard poi movements, but I was really dying to go watch some Tongan and Samoan stages.
Us in the bus going back to school.

Lastly it is really important for students to participate in a polyfest group because it is priority to learn about your traditions in your culture and learn the dances of the ancestors that were there before you! Join a polyfest group even if you're Chinese or Indian, find out if there is a Diversity stage group in your school, but it is really important to join a polyfest group to follow the footsteps and the ways your ancestors shared.

It hit 2:00 and it was time to travel back to school! No… I didn’t want to leave, well at least I was coming back on Saturday where the Tongan and Samoan stages were on. Yay! Anyways we lined back up and hopped back into the bus and we went away! Also we got to take back some awesome gifts from the polyfest workshops such as: Mobile phone fans, Calendars, Posters, Temporary tattos and heaps more to explore and have fun with!

Thanks for reading and I hope this makes you want to go to Polyfest and learn about polynesian culture!

By Mitchell.M

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mitchell's - Problem solving with fractions, decimals, and percentages.

WALT : Solve problems with fractions,decimals, and percentages.

Miss Ilaoa has put in some questions that are relevant to the maths topics fractions, decimals and percentages. We showed our working out in the boxes next to the questions. Thanks and enjoy.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mitchell's movie review - Hidden Figures || 2017

Hello bloggers! Yesterday the Year 7 & 8 extension group had the opportunity to attend the Sylvia Park movie cinemas to watch the new 2017 movie Hidden Figures. The movie is about 3 African - American women who work with NASA, they are part of a group who are behind one of the greatest operations in history! So on Wednesday morning we went off to the movies!

At the movies we bought some popcorn,lollies and drinks. While we were waiting we were watching the movie trailers that were playing on the big screen that everyone could see when the walked into the movies. Finally it hit 10:40 and the doors to go inside the theatre were open. We slowly walked in, well we weren't allowed to run. Woohoo! It was only the extension group and a elderly couple who were watching the movie!

A few ads played while we were waiting for the movie. They were really funny! After a few minutes it was 11:00 and the movie started playing. Everyone was so excited and ready to view the spectacular movie Hidden Figures.
Image result for hidden figures
It would have been my 2nd time I would have watched the movie Hidden Figure so I wasnt really surprised. Plus I got the seat that was right in the middle which was awesome! It took about 2 hours from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. In the movie theatre it was really quiet, all you could hear was the movie and eating sounds from people eating popcorn.

Review - Hidden Figures : This is my review from the Hidden figure movie. Likes: What I liked about the movie was that it told the racism stories about what happened back in the old days so people these days know that it is wrong and disrespectful and they do not copy what was done like in the 1900s. Dislikes: What I didn't like about the movie was that the movie was set in the same places. It could have been set in a few other settings/backrounds. What they should improve on: The movie makers should improve on making the movie more entertaining for all age groups.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell. M

P.S : Thanks to Mr Vogt's sister for the money to buy the movie tickets and the helping teachers who provided transport from school to Sylvia Park. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Mitchell's Summer Learning Journey - Prize ! || 2016 - 2017

Hey blog viewers! If you didn't know I came 1st equal for the Summer Learning Journey. It took part from the 2016 holidays in December until January 2017. If you have been reading my blog posts over the holiday you are Awesome! It took alot of commitment. It was a fun experience learning and visiting Japan! It's a really cool country. So I won a prize and I took this picture on the day I received the prize: 

Thank you so much to Rachel for this prize. It was really awesome. Here is a list of the things I used that was included in this prize: 
Washable Markers
Colouring Book
Kimchi Ramyun - Noodle soup
Japanese Udon noodles
Mobile phone 

I just need to listen to that David Bowie album. His music must be cool!
Thank you everybody for reading.
By Mitchell.M

P.S : See you on the next blogging journey! Which I think is the Winter learning Journey.
Good Bye for now.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mitchell's Fraction of a number 2 !

WALT: Find a fraction in a number

Hey ! Here is some basic fraction maths problems that Miss Ilaoa provided in the text that I answered in the presentation. We simply added the fraction with the adding number. Example : 2/5 of 65 = 39. Then we did 1/3 of it and with the answer we x it by the numerator and then we had the answer. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell M

Mitchell's Fractions of a number T1W5

WALT: Find a fraction of a number

In this presentation we have been asked to answer some fraction math's problems in order to get the number we want, the answer. In order to get the answer we added the denominator numbers in order to get the final result. 

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell M