Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mitchell Man in Space Writing

Start writing here: Man in space.jpg
There was a spaceman called Taras who was on a mission. His mission was to give all the presents to all the kids around the world for Christmas. Their parents could not afford any money for their other toys. Their kids wish list had like 100 presents on there. Some of the toys were all sold out or some of the toys they could not afford to pay for. It was only for like the rich kids who had like $100,000 dollars in their own bank account. Other kids had only like $10 for their pocket money to spend. The astronaut had to go through the portal to go to Florida in America. He always wanted to go there but  he always living in Russia with the boring work meetings and the Church speaking. He had enough of that boringness. It was time he had to go explore the world.

He went through the portal. The portal was called the Milky way. He was always thinking at Astronaut school that the Milky way actually had Milk there but there wasn’t. He was just swirling and spinning he felt so dizzy. Then he fell out of the sky into the Capital of Florida. Luckily he landed on the soft burning sand at the beach. Everyone was sunbathing,swimming and having lots of fun with the hot sun. He had to get out of his space outfit. His master said he would go to the blue house on Bucklands Street. His master said the address was 54 Bucklands Street. He was looking around then finally he saw the number 54 with the blue house. The master said there was a key under the fake rock near the mailbox. He lifted the fake rock up and found the fake key. It was made out of gold.

He opened the door. It had a bed,some spare clothes,food with a kitchen, a tv and a machine with a sheet on top of it. It had a note on it and said this will help you give presents to the kids. When he lifted up the sheet it was a MONEY MAKER. He was so surprised. He printed out 50 copies of $100 notes. He ran outside to go to the warehouse but he saw the garage in the backyard. He wondered what was in there. There was a cool red car. It was one of those ones that had no roofs on top of it. They sold those cars really cheap in Florida because it was summer time.It was only like $150. Anyways he saw a note on the glove box. It had a mic on it. He pushed the button and it gave a signal to his master. The master said “ Sorry forgot to tell you about the car anyways it has a button you press to go fast as 150 kilometers ok bye”.

Taras drove off with the red car. He finally parked at the warehouse and entered through the door. He went in the Kids Toys aile. He saw Dolls,Action Figures,Video Games and lots more. They were all on special. He went to buy all of them. He rang the parents. The master gave the phone numbers. He rang all the parents to see what was on their wishlist. He grabbed all the presents and put them on the counter he payed for them and drove back to the house. He wrapped them up in wrapping paper and put them in boxes. Christmas was just the next day. He had to quickly get all of them wrapped up. He ordered a plane with his money. He got all the presents and put them through the chimneys of the kids. The parents said thank you and put them under the Christmas tree.

The next day was CHRISTMAS. Everybody was so excited. It was snowing everywhere. Everyone was happy. All the kids ran to the Christmas tree and saw all the presents. They were all so excited to open all of them. All of the girls got their pink barbie dolls and all the boys got their video games. Taras was so happy to help all of the kids. His master was very surprised. His master said a big thank you. Taras became the richest man in the world. He decided to stay in Florida. Sometimes he would go back to Russia to see all of his family. From now on Taras lived in Florida. He married a beautiful wife and had two amazing kids. Taras owned a big mansion and helped everyone in Florida and Russia. Taras became the happiest man on earth and lived happily ever after with his family and the beautiful paradise of Florida.

The End. By Mitchell. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mitchell Man in Space and Teacher Writing

Start writing here: This Russian spaceman has lots of equipment on his clothing for space with an blue tube for him to breath and he has an excellent view of earth behind him for people to look at. A person took a picture of the Russian astronaut

In Pt England School Mrs Jacobsen is one of our lovely teachers in Room 10 with a little baby in her stomach,amazing red hair and her excellent teaching.

In Pt England School tall Mr Barks is our amazing teacher who helps us build lots of things in Makerspace with wood.

In Pt England School one of our amazing teachers Mr Baxendine with his cool looking hair,his cool clothes and amazing glasses walks in to help Room 9 learn.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Mitchell Times Table Blogpost

In maths we have been learning the 4,6 & 7 timestables. Here is my Tablesmaster score for today.