Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Superhero Animation - Mitchell

Mitchell's Superhero Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term we had a opportunity to create a animation with our favourite superhero in it. We had to create our own background and we got to pick a problem. My Problem was a comet coming towards earth. Thanks for watching please leave a comment.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fijian Warrior - final version of narrative

Long ago in 1635 in the ancient islands of Fiji was a small island Lakeba which had been named by the chief. It was known as a very powerful island. On the island were several large villages. In the centre of the biggest island was a big piece of land. Fruits and vegetables were grown there for families who needed food. There was a young man named Miti who worked on the big piece of land. He was a very hard working man. Miti would always smile at families in the village because he wished that he had a family of his own.

One day Miti was working as he usually does and took a glimpse at the beach. His mind was confused. He had never seen foreigners before. But no one knew that a big group of them were approaching. Hearts were beating so fast that they thought it was the end of the world. The villagers started to panic. They wanted to throw sharp weapons. One of the villagers threw a spear and it hit one of the foreigners shotguns. Miti knew that they needed help so he quickly raced to get all of the strong men on the island.

But once they saw them with big flamethrowers and giant shotguns they knew they had to escape. The enemy was too strong. They quietly got all of the wakas in all of the village’s and started sending families to the nearest island. BOOOOOM! A loud bang was heard as one of the mountains filled with the most gold in the country exploded. Gold flew through the air and landed everywhere. The villagers hid in the bush with a bundle of families scrunching up together like a big clump of playdough. Then they heard a gunshot and the bush fell down.

Everyone was in sight as soldiers approached them as fast as lightning. “Wait” said one of the soldiers. We will let the family's escape and we will only take the princess, the daughter of the chief. He ordered the other soldiers to go and search the chief’s house for any treasures. He took the princess and tied her up to a pole in the boat. “ GO BEFORE ALL OF YOU WILL BE KILLED “ the man shouted. Everyone rushed to the other wakas that sailed back. “ Miti you know how much I love my daughter” the chief cried. “ Yes I do “ answered Miti. I would love it if you could save her from those horrible people. Miti thought for a second. “Yes I will do anything for you”

So everyone went on the wakas and sailed to the nearest island Ba. The villagers on the island Ba helped them with some food and somewhere to sleep. Meanwhile the soldiers thought the princess would be a great slave back in their home country. The next day early in the morning at 3:00 am Miti walked out of the house they were sleeping in and took a look at their island Lakeba.

It was blurry for him to see because it was quite far away. He decided to take off in the waka without telling everyone and quietly set off. He finally arrived at the island. He stepped into the wet sand and the sound you could only hear was silent footsteps. He walked past the bushes and the land looked different. He had remembered where they hid the princess. He silently walked through the wet and muddy grass and finally came to the pole she was tied up to but she was not tied up anymore.

She was sleeping on the boat while the soldiers were sleeping in the houses of the village. “Princess Vina Princess Vina” he whispered. She woke up quietly and replied. “ Miti why are you here “ I am here to save you. The princess jumped out the boat and hopped on his back. “ Thank you” she said. They ran quickly to the waka and went off. He showed her where to sleep and Miti went back to bed. When the sun rose up the chief woke up and saw his daughter sleeping in another house in the village.

He walked there and woke her up. “VINA” he cried. He gave her a big hug. “ How did you get here” “Miti saved me early in the morning” she replied. Wait here. He walked to Miti house and woke him up. “Thank you so much” he said. He talked to Miti for a bit and said “ Since you saved my daughter Vina I want you to marry her” Miti was shocked he did not know what to say. “Thank you” he replied He gave him a big hug. Princess Vina did not know that Miti was going to propose to her.

Miti went out to the beach and caught a shark. He yanked out a gigantic tooth and presented it to the chief. He was so pleased. Miti proposed to Vina and she said “YES”. They got married that night and everyone celebrated. But one thing was still wrong. They needed their island back so they decided to go on all of the wakas and travel back. They all charged and the soldiers were defeated. They all knew they had a safe life. 1 year later Miti became Prince Miti.

They had a baby boy and Prince Miti was next in line for chief.

The End. By Mitchell.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mitchell Real Life Hero's - Christian the Lion

In London England 2 Australian men named John and Ace raised up a lion for sale named. Later on they moved to another country. They named him Christian because they would always train and teach him skills at a local church. They taught him as he grew up much older. One day John and Ace decided to let Christian into the wild and set him free so they let him loose into Kenya, Africa.

A couple of years later they decided to meet up with Christian the Lion again because they missed him so much. When they arrived in Africa they just found out that Christian was the leader of his pride.

John and Ace were proud of him. They finally found out were Christian and his pride lived and found him. Some people thought Christian the Lion would not remember John and Ace and something bad will probably happen to them but that was false. The golden lion dashed to their face hugging them with his paws. They were relieved.

They were happily crying for joy. Then after some minutes of reunitement Christian introduced his wife to John and Ace. John and Ace have been heros by raising a lion to be a leader of a lion pride.

By Mitchell  

Friday, 10 June 2016

Mitchell 20 Hour Famine - Extension

Today is Friday the 10th and its the 40 HOUR FAMINE. I am participating in this years famine. We will fundraise money for Syrian refuges who have to flee their country. My friends Simon,Noah, Ajani and Kyron are also taking part as well. We are eating barley sugars and Just Juice. 
We are sleeping over with our blankets , sleeping bags and also cardboard boxes. In the hall we were playing games and performing group items. 

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell
9:05 pm - GO BLUE TEAM

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Mitchell Avengers Assemble Narrative

“Whew” Captain America said. “ We saved the day ” Their mission was just finished. That night the Avengers had a party with treats,beverages and the finest food dishes in town celebrating a month of saving people across the globe. In the dark glowy sky in space lay Thanos resting on his throne made out of hard rock and lava. He watched beyond the Avengers celebrating. He wanted to be like them world famous,rich saving people. He decided to make a plan and destroy the Avengers to become the leader of the universe.

He made Iron man clones to hypnotise all to follow him and his ways. Petter Pots had heard what Thanos had said and told the Avengers immediately. “ Thanos is planning on ATTACK!!! ” she shouted with fear. Hawkeye disliked him since he was a child. Thanos was the one who had wanted to kill his family but still never had the chance too.

On one afternoon Thanos was ready. He wore galaxian machine guns and flew down to earth with his robotic army. They landed on earth about 15 kilometers away from the headquarters on a field waiting to attack. The Avengers team looked out the window and knew it was time. “ Avengers ASSEMBLE !!!!!” They charged out the door to the robots. BOOM SMASH WHACK in a robots face.

KAPOW WWW smashing 50 at once. PLUSHHHHHHHHHHHHH the sound of a flamethrower smashing a thousand. Punching,smashing whatever you name it they were down in a second. They finally came up to Thanos the ruler of the robots. Chuck Chuck walking up to him. “ What do you want?” “I want to be ruler” No one will be ruler. You will never be ruler He cried in pain.

Be ruler of your own planet. “ I will try” he cried. He flew back up into the sky slowly vanishing away. The Avengers happy. They also recycled all of the metal robots.The avengers were in the radio,news,newspaper,and magazines. They were heros. Safe Heros.
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The End
By Mitchell

Fri 10 June 2016