Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mitchell Jack and the beanstalk Story

Byline: Tuesday 26th May 2015
On Saturday afternoon in London England Jack’s Mother told Jack to go sell their cow to get some money. Jack and his mother were very poor. Jack’s Mother told Jack to go sell the cow at the market. While Jack was walking to the market to go sell the cow on his way he saw a man. The man saw the cow. He wanted to buy the cow off from Jack. He asked Jack if he could buy the cow. Jack said yes. The man gave him some beans. Jack said no this is not money. The man said it was Magic beans. Jack said yes and kept the beans. When Jack went home he went to go show the Beans to his mum. The mum said where is the money. Jack said he traded the cow for these magic beans. Jacks Mum did not believe in magic and flicked Jack’s ears and through the beans outside the window. Then Jack and his Mother went to bed. The next morning Jack ran outside to look for the beans. When he got outside he did not see the beans. Instead he saw a beanstalk. The beanstalk went all the way up to the clouds. He was so shocked. He climbed the beanstalk and went up into the clouds. When he got there he saw a castle. The castle was like a mansion. Jack saw the biggest giant. He has never seen a real giant before. The giant was sleeping. He was quickly walking upstairs without making a noise. He entered  a room with lots of treasures in it. He filled some bags with gold and diamonds. Then he grabbed a cage. Inside the cage was a goose. The goose laid golden eggs. He quickly climbed down the beanstalk. But when he was halfway there the giant came climbing down. He had just woken up from his sleep. He was climbing down to kill jack for stealing his treasure. Jack had quickly picked up an axe. He got the axe and cut down the beanstalk. The giant fell down. The sound was so loud that it woke Jack's Mother up. Jack’s Mother woke up and ran outside. She saw Jack and the bags of gold. She ran to Jack and hugged him. She wondered where the giant came from. But she did not care where the giant came from. She only was happy that she and her son where rich. They brought new clothes and a big mansion. They lived happily ever after. The End.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mitchell Earthquake in Nepal

Huge Earthquake in Nepal.
On Anzac day at 11:56 am the huge earthquake in Nepal happened. It was a 7.9 magnitude. More than 8000 people died in Nepal and 10’000 people got injured. A 5 month year old baby got found under bricks. The baby was under the bricks for 22 hours but still survived. It was hungry and was covered in dust but still healthy. All houses,cars and buildings crushed down after the huge earthquake. Wednesday 13th of may  was the second earthquake. It was a 7.3 magnitude. It happened at 5:00 am in the morning. Everyone was shocked. People did not want to go inside their houses anymore. They thought that there house was going to fall on them and then they would be buried in the rubble. People around the world are donating to Nepal. By Mitchell.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mitchell Game Review

Game Review
WALT: Give reasons to support our opinions.

What is a good game to play?
You’re the expert so let me know…
Try to convince the reader to agree with your opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.31.28 pm.png

Your Task:
  1. Make a copy of this Doc and put it in your writing folder.
  2. Go to coolmathsgames.com and pick one game to play.
  3. Play it 3 times.
  4. Write a review for the game - Use the template below and fill in the gaps
  5. Share your review on your blog and blog log
  6. Review another game if you want.

WARNING: Once you start this task you must finish it!

Game Review by the famous (Mitchell)

Name of Game: Red Ball 4

Link to Game: Red Ball

How do you score/ win: Collect the stars.

Difficulty: 3/10

Fun: 10/10


  • 2 sentences about what the game is. What you have to do. You roll the ball around and collect the stars to get to the next level.
  • 1 sentences about why you would or wouldn’t recommend this game to a friend. This game is good for kids.
  • 2 sentences giving reasons your opinions (why you think what you think).

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mitchell,Ajani and Noah The 3 P's

Ajani Noah Mitchell from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a movie about the 3 p's. Patnership,Particapation and Protection. Thanks for watching.

Mitchell Maritime Museum

On wednesday morning i went to the Auckland Maritime Museum with the extension group and some other kids. We went on a big bus to the Museum. When we arrived there we saw a man called Frazer. He told us some things we had to do in the museum. Then there was a lady called Miki. She came from Hawaii. She was telling us about the waka. There was one waka called Hokulea and Hikianalia. Then we went inside. I felt so excited. We walked around the museum looking at lots of stuff. We ate lunch then we went inside this big space were all the waka were. All waka's had come from different countries. It was so fun. We walked around the museum looking at other stuff. It was so cool. We went on the bus back to school. Thanks for reading. By Mitchell

Mitchell,Ajani and Noah. The 3 P's

The 3 P’s

Protection: when someone is getting bullied and you protect them. puruo to potae. taking care of your chromebooks. avoid dodgy sites. teachers taking care of little kids at patrols,Duty,and detention.

Partnership: Partnership means friends
supporting each other and teachers helping us like Ms Vaafusuaga. She brings coaches to school for everyone to learn sports.

Participation: In Pt England participation is joining in games or participating in a culture group for Fia Fia. Participating in sports