Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Day #1 : Arriving in NZ

Hey bloggers! I am so excited and thrilled to participate in this years Summer Learning Journey for 2017 - 2018! I've been waiting for this day ever since the beginning of this year! How about we start? Let's begin!

Activity 1 : The First Settlers
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It's widely believed that the first people to arrive in New Zealand originated in Polynesia. The settlers eventually evolved and formed into their culture and people. Now they are called the " Maori " They have their own language, culture, traditions, food, and lots more.                                                                                 I have been asked to visit a link to read some short stories of a legendary mythical Polynesian Hero " Maui ". I have to post 3 facts on my blog that I have learned about Maui!
I've finished reading the text and here are my personal facts I have come up with!

* Fact 1 ~ Based on some mythical legends, Maui the Polynesian God was a shape-shifter    and could change into anything such as a bird, shark and heaps more you could think of    which is awesome!

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* Fact 2 ~ In Polynesian Mythology, Ancient Polynesians would navigate across the Pacific    waters using stars. According to myths Maui's Hook could be seen in the sky and         Polynesians would navigate to the end of the hook. That's how they would discover new islands.

* Fact 3 ~ It is said that Maui was fishing one evening with his brothers in a waka. Then he pulled out his fishook to go fishing. It is said he pulled up the big fish which is widely known as the North Island and his waka became the South Island.

Activity 2 : Setting Sail
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The first settlers that arrived in New Zealand must've been really brave! They had to leave their homes, maybe crops too, and sailed thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean to find new land to own. I have been asked to imagine that I was sailing in one of the Waka. I have been asked to write a letter to a friend about my voyage to New Zealand.  In the letter I have to be sure to tell them how I feel about moving to a new country.

Here is my letter I've written:

I just wrote about how the experience was and I also made up an address!

Bonus Activity : Waka Ama

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Now days the people of New Zealand still use Waka. Instead of using the waka for transportation they sometimes use it for Waka Ama races in the ocean. I have been asked to watch a video about Waka Ama and I have to tell you if I would like to join one day or not. I've finished watching the video and it was really interesting. My opinion would have to be No. I would not want to join because it looks like you have to train alot and I don't like training for around 10 hours straight! Haha!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M


  1. Hey Mitchell, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey Programme. It is great to see that you have completed the first three activities and that you have added so much detail. Congratulations, I appreciate your effort.

    Activity 1: Wow, you have included some terrific facts, they sure are interesting. I particularly like the first fact about Maui as a shapeshifter. How do you think he would have used this special ability to his advantage? If you could use it today, what would you use it for?

    Your other two facts are fantastic as well. You have some great research skills. I love the fact about the Polynesian people using the stars to help them navigate. Perhaps that's how the early settlers arrived in New Zealand.


    1. Hey Billy, Nice to meet you! Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I found Activity 1 really interesting.

      I think Maui would've used this ability to maybe transport or maybe even for strength? I would use it to fly for transportation, maybe strength as well and lots more.


    2. Good morning!

      Yeah for sure, you could transport yourself to school or work very quickly, maximum sleep in!

      With strength, well I'm sure you could help on building sites and that sort of thing - no longer will people need cranes!

      I think I would like to turn into a bird, and fly about the city.

  2. Mitchell, another great post. Well done! I love the way you have chosen to write your letter, the font you have used and also how you have made up an address. It's very clever and makes it seem rather authentic.

    It was great to read and I am very impressed with how you have so easily considered the perspective of someone from this time. I imagine there would have been rough waves and dangerous weather during their journey. I don't think they would have had life jackets to protect them!

    Why do you think these people wanted to leave their life in the islands?
    I wonder what differences Aotearoa would have had compared to their life back in the islands.

    You speak about needing to finish some jobs. What sort of jobs might these be?

    Looking forward to your response, Billy.

    1. Hey Billy,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I created the letter using Google Drive. I just put in a text box, changed the font, then put in some colour. It was really fun. Yes, I agree there would have been rough waves as well. I think these people would want to leave their islands because maybe they wanted a new life? Oh yes maybe some jobs may be building some huts, maybe hunting for animals to cook? Fishing!

      Thanks again for the comment!,


    2. Wow that's very clever. I like the font you chose, it seems like the handwriting that they might have used back then!

      Yeah perhaps they wanted more space, their islands were very small and New Zealand is such a big place.

      It makes me wonder where they new they were going or did they just set out in hope? Either way it's incredibly brave.

      Yes! I imagine there would be lots of jobs to do around the campsite. I think I would quite enjoy that life. No school or work, just work for survival. What do you think?

      Cheers, Billy

  3. Hey Mitchell, thanks for also completing the bonus activity. You have really put in a lot of effort with today's activities. I have to agree with you, I wouldn't want to participate in the Waka Ama race either. It doesn't look relaxing, it looks tough and you're right - it would require a lot of hours training. To be honest, I also think it looks a little boring! I much prefer ball sports, like soccer and basketball. They're more interesting and there's a lot more to them. They require lots of skill and hand-eye coordination.

    Do you play any sports?

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Hey Billy,
      Yes I agree! I wouldn't want to participate in the Waka Ama races. It does look it a bit boring. And No I don't play any sports. Haha.

      Thanks, Mitchell

  4. Hey Mitchell,
    What a interesting blogpost! Keep up the good work!