Monday, 24 April 2017

Making Blanket Forts!

Hey blog viewers! Guess what? Today me and my sisters decided to make some blanket forts! It was really fun making the blanket fort. Here is some instructions on how we made our very own blanket fort!

Blanket fort
First we grabbed 4 chairs from our kitchen and placed them in the living room. Then we got a hold of some light blankets from our bedrooms and put them over and around the chairs. Also we had some hanging off some of our couches.

After we did that it wasn't finished yet. We added some light blankets to go on the floor and also got some cushions and stuffed animals. We also bought some snacks and were eating them if we were hungry. Then we added some books and some devices!

Me and my sisters each have a room in between the 4 chairs. Here are some pictures of our fort: 

I hope you like our blanket fort we made!

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By Mitchell.M

We also will be watching a movie tonight at Hoyts Sylvia Park!
Some snacks and a drink

My room
Reading area

Centre of the blanket fort
My sister's room

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mitchell - Road trip to (Hamilton) - and Ice Cream

Hey blog viewers! Guess what? Yesterday afternoon me and my family took a road trip down to Hamilton with some other family members so my grandmother could do her hair at her friends Hair Salon.

We also ate from some of the nearby fast food restaurants in Hamilton Mall called Centre Place! I had some subway and my sisters had McDonald's. After my grandmother did her hair we had the opportunity to go to the Hamilton night markets. It was so cool!

We bought some food and drinks and we even had the most amazing time there too, because we saw the live recording of the Maori television show : "Sidewalk Karaoke". 
Guess what? Today we went to drive down to Pokeno to go get some Ice Cream! We first parked in a parking spot and walked in. Did you know that there are 2 ice cream shops right next to each other? That was pretty cool but we decided to go to the one on the left "Pokeno Ice cream and Coffee".  I think that was the name. Anyways I picked my two flavours with my sisters. 

I choose the flavour Peaches and Cream and Mango Ripple! Here is a picture of mine:

Have you ever gone to get Ice Cream from Pokeno?

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By Mitchell.M
23 and 24-/04/17

Sidewalk Karaoke picture ------------------------------------------->

Friday, 21 April 2017

Mitchell - Holiday Blogging #3 (Story time)

Hey blog viewers! Sorry I have not been posting up any blog posts for a while! Here is a story I made up about the adventure's of 3 friends. It was created last year by me. Enjoy! 

In the Melanesian Islands of Vanuatu lived 3 bestest friends Kiki,Kano and Kavaki. They were all of Vanuatuan descent except Kiki she was half Chinese. In the village they live in there is a lost key that opens the King’s house. It has been locked for decades. In the past many villagers have set sail to look for the lost key but it is nowhere to be found. Saturday morning Kiki woke up. Her feet met the cold floorboards as she stepped out of her bed. Her dad has been working at the Trading store for several years. Kiki walked past the counter and in the corner of her eyes was her favourite food…..Coconut donuts. Her hands gripped onto the donuts and her mouth opened wide and ate the donuts. “Mmmmmmm” she said making her mouth chew the donut into pieces. “Morning dad” Kiki mumbled with the donut in her mouth. Kiki’s dad was preparing the shop for the day. “Good morning honey” he whispered. Kiki’s dad opened the blinds,put out the open sign and went walked to the counter to be cashier for the day. Kiki went to go look for Kano and Kavaki.
Image result for island clipart
Image Attribution

“Boooooooo” Kavaki yelled behind her back. “Ahhhhhh” she ran off with fear. “I’m going to get you” Kiki shrieked. She pushed Kavaki down the mountain and into the shallow waters of the beach. “Hahahahahaha” she laughed with happiness. “What you guys up to” Kano said. “We are just mucking around” Kiki laughed. “OUCHHH”  Kiki screamt. A light was beaming in her eyes.

“What happened Kiki ?” he wondered. He saw where the light was coming from. Kiki moved away from the light as she was blinded by bright signals. “Are you ok” he wondered again. “Yeah I’m ok” she had said. “The light,the light” Kavaki screamt. He saw a key shape. He climbed up the mountain urgently. That afternoon Kiki said to herself “ That light is trying to tell us something” as she was watching TV with Kavaki and Kano. “Come on”

She wrapped some sandwiches in a travelling bag, she got her slippers and headed out the door with Kavaki and Kano. “Dad I’m going to go ummmm….. Watch a movie with Kavaki and Kano”
“Ok darling but be back before 10:00. “Yes I will” Kiki mumbled. She ran with Kavaki and Kano to the village’s Canoe hire. “1 canoe please” she screamt. Her face looked like she needed to go somewhere and she did. Kavaki and Kano lifted the canoe and she held the paddles.

“RUN” Kiki shrieked. They ran towards the beach,put the canoe on the water and sailed towards the light. “SPLASHH, SPLASHH, SPLASHH,” the sound of the waves swirling on the shallows. “There the light” Kano said pointing towards the Key shaped light. 20 minutes later they ended up in a lost island. They landed the canoe and the paddles onto the island’s shallow shore and walked into A Bush. “A bush??????” Kavaki said while wondering. The trees of the bush flew up and down on the branches of the windy air. “I’m scared” Kiki whispered to both of them. “Dont worry we are both here with you” the said in a deep voice.

“The light” Kiki jogged towards the light. “Guys come over here” she echoed. They examined the light and saw a key not just any ordinary key a Golden key. On it was carved “King Vava’u of Vanuatu” “The first king of Vanuatu” Kiki shrieked with excitement. “The KEY” she yelled. Her fingers held onto the key as the light began to fade into the darkness. “Let’s get out of this bush shall we?” Kavaki yelled. They ran towards the canoe with Kiki holding the key carefully.

The boys both gripped onto the paddles and paddled towards their island as fast as they could. 20 mins later they arrived ran the canoe back to the man who was letting them hire it and they all screamt. “We found the key to the King’s house!” Everyone ran out of the doors of their house and ran towards them. “Woohoo” the village cheered. They lifted them up “ The village chanted, Hero’s of the day.

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By Mitchell.M

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Sunday! - Holiday blogging #2

Good morning blog viewers! Today is Easter Sunday, the day Jesus rose from his tomb. Well today I am going to a wedding. It's my aunties wedding and we will be going to a Tongan church to celebrate. 

Anyways we got some more Easter eggs. Here are some pictures: 

Also we are getting some more from our family. We also had a big surprise yesterday night! We were going to our grandmothers house and my aunty and her newborn baby were there with my uncle. She is really cute. 

We will also see them tonight too. We might even go to the Royal Easter show that will be held at the ASB showgrounds!

Well that's it and I will catch you in my next blog post. 

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By Mitchell.M

Friday, 14 April 2017

Happy Easter! - Holiday blogging #1

Hey bloggers wherever you are in the world. Happy Easter! That's right it's Easter Friday. Long ago Jesus died on the cross for everyone's sins. Yep on a Friday he died for our sins. A sin is a (bad thing) that you may have done. 

Did you know everyone in the world has sinned. Well today Christians celebrate Easter and thank him for dying on the cross and saving our lives. Right till today he is living in Heaven with God.

Well since people around the world have been celebrating Easter, over the years Easter eggs were invented. Did you know back when Easter eggs were invented people used chicken eggs and painted them with colourful colours just to celebrate Easter.

Now days it's made out of chocolate, some hollow, some filled with a surprise but every single one of them is wrapped with foil or in a box. Today we will go shop for some more and my mum will hide them. 

Do you have Easter eggs? Are you celebrating Easter with your family?
Leave a comment below if you are celebrating Easter!

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By Mitchell.M

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

My favourite past time - blogging

Hey bloggers! I’m going to tell you why my favourite pastime is blogging. I love blogging and it is one of my most favourite things to do. So let’s see why I love blogging!

One reason on why I love blogging is because I have my own blog and my mind/imagination sets free. You get to blog about anything you want even if it’s a cooking recipe! Let your imagination go free. I also love blogging in the holidays and competed in the Summer and Winter learning journey, a Manaiakalani blogging program set up for kids in the Manaiakalani cluster.
Image result for blogging logo
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I love getting connected online with other viewers around the world. I also love to reply to their comments they leave on my blog when I do awesome blog posts. I also love to take a look at their blogs too.

Lastly here are some tips and advice while blogging.
# Tip 1: Make sure the thing you are blogging about is really entertaining for the crowd. Don’t just blog about something you like try other things new. # Tip 2: Always make sure that your sentences make sense and also make sure that they are spelt right.# Tip 3: Last tip is to make sure you are having fun and you are proud of your blog post!

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By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's role model writing - My great grandfather!

My role model I have chosen is my great-grandfather. His name is Pita. I have chosen him because he is inspiring and he is a hard working man. He is a loving and caring man and he is very dominant. So let me explain why my great grandfather is my role model!

Whenever we go over to his house he hands us fresh fruits and healthy yummy things to eat! He always wants us to be fit and healthy so we can have a g
Me and my great grandfather mowing the lawn.
ood life. Also me and my cousins play heaps of sports on his front yard.

He is also a cultural man and uplifts us to do and be strong in our own culture. He knows a lot about our traditions and culture and also knows what we have to do to be respectful and proud of our heritage and culture. We love the stories he and my great grandmother tell about our ancestors and their adventures and journeys. Some stories also lead up to some of the most popular places in Fiji.

Did you also know that he used to be a teacher? That’s right my great grandparents used to be well known teachers in Melanesia. They have taught in Papua New Guniea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and of course Fiji. They expect us to do good in school with literacy (English) and Mathematics too.

So there it is my role model Pita. My great grandfather who is really loving and kind. So who is your role model?

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By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's water worn - Making Driftwood furniture - Coral reefs - text.

Hello again! Here are my presentation slides about the recent text we have been reading in class. We got asked questions about the text and answered them along the way. The 3 texts were called - Water worn, Making Driftwood furniture and Coral reefs. In someway they all linked up. Make sure you enjoy.

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By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's MV Rena presentation - Info

Hello guys! Here is my presentation about the MV Rena ship that tipped over on the 11th of October 2011. It spilt debris and contaminants out into the Astrolabe Reef. The remains washed back up to a nearby beach in Tauranga. 
Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

Mitchell's Aoraki presentation - Water life!

Hey! Here is my presentation about the water life and how it is connected to us in culture in spiritual ways. It also talks about different cultures and how it links up with their beliefs. Enjoy! Also below is a Taniwha poster about a fictional character named Tarakura. He is lost apparently and we were asked to make a poster for him. 

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mitchell's Tech Dish - Beef Cobbler!

Hey bloggers! Today was tech for the Yr 7's and in Cooking class we made Beef Cobbler. We made the dish with mince, onions, herbs, stock powder, flour, eggs, milk and sweet chilli sauce as a topping. 

Thanks to Miss Heka for teaching us how to make this delicious dish!

By Mitchell.M

Monday, 3 April 2017

Mitchell's Idea of a fun weekend.

Have you ever thought about what you could do to make a fun weekend happen? Well here is my idea of a fun weekend, playing games, having sleepovers, anything! You could make fun things with your family such as baking or fun drawings anything.

Image result for weekend
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One idea of having a fun weekend may be going to a theme park or having sleepovers! I love having sleepovers with my cousins. We play games, make houses under the table with some sheets and blankets, watch movies and do a lot more fun stuff. Sometimes we go to Rainbows end and go on fun rides. Also when I go to my aunty’s house with my cousins we make yummy cakes and cupcakes. She is the best baker ever!

Another idea of having a fun weekend could be playing sport. My family loves to play sport such as rugby, basketball, cricket, whatever but playing sport is good exercise and challenging for the players.

One of the best ideas could be just going on road trips. Going on road trips is really fun but kind of boring at the same time. You get to view the surroundings of land, the sea and in the holidays you can actually camp there or nearby.

So there it is a idea of a fun weekend. Do you have a cool idea of a fun weekend? If you do leave it in the comments down below! What are you doing this weekend?

Mitchell's Water - Worn (Moana describing ideas)

WALT : Make links across a set of texts. I made a picture from Sumo paint and made a picture a piece of worn out wood from a boat with some seaweed.