Monday, 8 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey - Day #11 : White Picket Fences

Hey bloggers! Today is actually Week 4 but I was really busy with New Year Celebrations and more! Sorry. Anyways let's begin!

Activity 1 : Meat and Three Veg
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It was common for women in the 1950s to stay home with their children and raise their family. They were called ‘housewives.’ Many housewives followed a simple rule when they prepared the evening meal: the ‘meat and three veg’ rule. This meant that they prepared dinners that included three different vegetables and a type of meat (eg. beef, lamb, or chicken).

On my blog I have been asked to tell you if I think the Meat and Three Veg was a good one. Do I like the rule? Would I enjoy a 1950's dinner meal? Why or why not? I personally think that the Meat and Three Veg is a good dinner meal for children that would not eat their vegetables.

I don't mind the rule but I think it's only necessary when needed only if the children wouldn't eat. Yes, maybe I would enjoy the meal. It sounds delicious but at the same time sounds a little bit plain! Why? because it's just an ordinary meal.

A lot of families these days would normally order pizza, or buy McDonald's, or have a chicken meal. But still I wouldn't mind.

Activity 2 : What's in a name?

During the 1950s the population of New Zealand grew by 400,000 people. That is huge! In fact, so many people were having babies that many people refer to this period in our history as the ‘baby boom.’ Popular baby names in 1950s New Zealand were:
Christine John
Susan David
Margaret Peter
Judith Michael
Jennifer Robert

I have been asked to read through the names on the list and state if they are popular names or not. A really popular boy name in my school is David! A lot of people don't use it as David but they translate it to the Pacific Island Language " Lea Faka Tonga " which is the language of Tonga.

Instead they go by the names of " Tevita ". I know a lot of people who has the name Tevita in my school!

  • 3 popular boy names in my school are :

  • . Tevita ( David )
  • . Johnathan
  • . William ( Villiami )

  • 3 popular girl names in my school are :

  • .  Anna or Ana
  • . Maddi or Maddison
  • . Danielle

Bonus Activity : Snail Mail!

In the 1950s, most people communicated with one another by writing letters. According to the NZ history website, New Zealanders sent over 200 million letters and postcards between 1950 and 1960. That is an average of 87 letters per person!

I even have my own penpals I write to! They live in China and South Korea. I still talk to them today.

Anyways I have been asked to design a postcard and imagine that I was living in the 1950's! I also have been asked to use Google Drawings! Here is my design! :

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M


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  2. Hey there Mitchell, awesome to see you've completed another set of activities.

    I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on the meat and three veg rule. You're right it does sound plain and simple. It's pretty healthy and well balanced I think. I do wonder if people might get sick of eating the same sort of dinner each and every night though. What do you think? What sort of food do you usually have for dinner at your house?

    You've done a great job with your postcard. I like that you have included a price and space for lots of other information that people would likely include. Have you ever sent or received a post card? They seem to be less and less common these days. Why do you think that is?

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Hey Billy, haven't been posting in a while :D

      Yes, if I were to eat the Meat and Three Veg every night for dinner I would get sick of it. In my family we have a timetable of what we eat so we can see what we are going to eat for the night.

      Thanks! Yes, I have received an postcard from Malaysia. It included a message, an address, stamps and a picture. I haven't sent one yet but I send letters.

      Thanks Billy!

    2. Hey again, that's awesome. What are your favourite nights on the timetable? Do you have to cook as well?

      Lucky! That would have been cool to receive. Who sent it to you?
      People mostly email these days, it's quicker but not as cool as receiving a postcard or a handwritten letter.


    3. Hey,

      My favourite nights are when we make homemade burgers! Yes, we also do help cook!

      Also my Malaysian Friend sent the postcard to me! Thanks Billy!