Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mitchell Will He Save Her

When Tony was a child his dream he admired was to be a superhero. He dreamt of saving people and being the hero of the day. Appearing in the news,radio and TV. One day he decided he wanted to make his dream become true. He got some big pieces of Iron and melted it with Maroon and Gold paint mixed together. He formed his costume so he could fit in. Then he needed to do one more thing. He put in a remote control robot machine so he could now fly and have super powers.

He met some other men and women with supernatural powers and they became known as the Avengers. One morning his team was on their first mission. Petter Pots was in prison from Dr Doom. Dr Doom put her in prison because she tried helping the Avengers by stealing gold to give back to them. Iron man heard about this and he wanted to do something about it. He blasted off to the jail and went to the cage.

He was outside of the prison."You have arrived at your destination" the robot machine said. He walked inside. He saw a glimpse of Petter Pots in a cage but when he tried to get her out Dr Doom pushed her down the hole and into the sewer. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted. Iron man heard her and made his costume go fast as speed. She nearly hit the water and at that instance she was in Iron man’s hands. He lifted her up and pushed her aside and “SPLASHHHHHHHHHHH” that was the sound of Dr Doom’s face in the sewer.

“THANK YOU” she said She was very happy and she became part of the Avengers and gave them heaps of equipment. Iron man was happy too. The first person he had saved.
To be continued………….. Keep watching for Part 2

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mitchell Setting Description Task

Mitchell Extension Narrative - Polynesian Warriors

Long ago in 1635 in the ancient islands of Fiji was a small island Lakeba named by the chief. It was known as a very chiefly island. On the island were several villages. If families needed food in the very middle of the big island was a big piece of land and grew there were fruits and vegetables. There was a young man named Miti who worked on the big piece of land. He was a very hard working man. He would always have a happy smile at families in the villages wishing if he could have a family of his own.

One day he was working as he usually does and took a glimpse at the beach. His mind was confused. He had never seen foreigners before. But no one knew that a big group of them were approaching. Hearts were beating so fast that they thought it was the end of the world. They wanted to throw sharp weapons. One of the villagers threw a spear and it hit on of the the foreigners shotgun that was brought to the land. He needed help so he went to go get all of the strong men on the island.

Once they saw them with big flamethrowers and giant shotguns they knew they had to escape. They quietly got all of the wakas in all of the village’s and started sending families to the nearest island. BOOOOOM! A loud bang shot one of the mountains filled with the most richest gold in the country. Rich Gold was flying in the air and was hitting roofs and in the water too. They hid in a bush with a bundle of families scrunching up together like a big clump of playdough. Then they heard a gunshot and the bush fell down.

Everyone was in sight. Soldiers approached them as fast as lightning. “Wait” said one of the soldiers. We will lets the family's escape and we will only take the princess. The daughter of the chief. He ordered the other soldiers to go search the chief’s house for any treasures. He took the princess and tied her up to a pole in the boat. “ GO BEFORE ALL OF YOUS WILL BE KILLED “ the man shouted. Everyone rushed to the other wakas that sailed back. “ Miti you know how much I love my daughter” the chief cried. “

“ Yes I do “ answered Miti. I would love it if you could save her from those horrible people. Miti thought for a second. “Yes I will do anything for you” So everyone went on the wakas and sailed to the nearest island Ba. The villagers on the island Ba helped them with some food and somewhere to sleep. Meanwhile the soldiers thought the princess would be a great slave back in their home country. The next day early in the morning at 3:00 am Miti walked out of the house they were sleeping in and took a look at their island Lakeba.

It was blurry for him to see because it was quite far away. He decided to take off in the waka without telling everyone and quietly set off. He finally arrived at the island. He stepped into the wet sand and the sound you could only hear was silent footsteps. He walked past the bushes and the land looked different. He had remembered where they hid the princess. He silently walked through the wet and muddy grass and finally came to the pole she was tied up to but she was not tied up anymore.

She was sleeping on the boat while the soldiers were sleeping in the houses of the village. “Princess Vina Princess Vina” he whispered. She woke up quietly and replied. “ Miti why are you here “ I am here to save you. The princess jumped out the boat and hopped on his back. “ Thank you” she said. They ran quickly to the waka and went off. He showed her where to sleep and Miti went back to bed. When the sun rose up the chief woke up and saw his daughter sleeping in another house in the village.

He walked there and woke her up. “VINA” he cried. He gave her a big hug. “ How did you get here” “Miti saved me early in the morning” she replied. Wait here. He walked to Miti house and woke him up. “Thank you so much” he said. He talked to Miti for a bit and said “ Since you saved my daughter Vina I want you to marry her” Miti was shocked he did not know what to say. “Thank you” he replied He gave him a big hug. Princess Vina did not know that Miti was going to propose to her.

Miti went out to the beach and caught a shark. He took out a very big tooth and presented it to the chief. The chief was so pleased and Miti proposed to Vina and she said “YES” They got married that night and everyone celebrated. But one thing was still wrong. They needed their island back.So they decided to go on all of the wakas and travel back. They all charged and the soldiers were defeated. They went on their boat and went back to where they came from. They all celebrated. 1 year later Miti became Prince Miti.

They had a baby boy and Prince Miti was next in line for chief.

The End. By Mitchell.

Mitchell Character Description Task - Extension

Friday, 20 May 2016

Mitchell Character Description

Name of superhero
Jiwan Stax the Stalker/Summariser
Manly Male
18 years of saving since he was born
6 foot tall
Personality: Is your superhero happy, sad, brave, friendly etc.
Brave as a Lion,Happy as a good human being, Friendly as a donation brand
Write another word for each of the words you wrote above. For example, if you wrote ‘happy’, write ‘bubbly’ in this section.
Has Courage (Brave), Bubbly
(Happy), Kind (Friendly)

Eye colour (use descriptive words)
Brown as perfectly cooked pancakes
Hair colour and style (use descriptive words)
Black as the night and light brown as chocolate caramel
Outfit (colour, style)
Golden Basketball shorts and
a black jacket with golden spikes
Superpower(s) (also, how did they get this superpower?)
He got cursed by a bird that is why he can fly and also stalk what the future is going to hold
Past heroic moments (e.g. predicting that the power would go out across the whole city)
He once saved someone from dying because he knew that on that day a car would go faster than it would normally go
How your superhero is going to help kids like you.
He surprises them with big gifts and helps out families

Mitchell The Fab Four Writing Doc

Jiwan Stax was born in a normal hospital and a normal family. One day when he went to school this bird cursed him on the monkey bars and swapped the life of a bird to a human. NOW Jiwan could fly and the bird could walk. Jiwan also got another secret power from his grandfather. So now Jiwan could get information from the future.

In college Jiwan started hanging out with a group of friends. Diego,Yoona,Sunny and him Jiwan. All of them had secret powers but would never tell anyone. One day when they were hanging out Jiwan accidentally used his magic powers and was flying in the air. His friends were shocked. They knew they had powers but never knew Jiwan did.

“ I have powers too ” Yoona said. Sunny and Diego had powers too. We have powers. “ I can predict the future ” Diego replied. “ I am a detective ” Sunny said. “ I can read people's minds and you can fly ” Yoona said. “ No I can fly but also get special information from the past to try tell the future ” he answered. They all started hanging out every day using magic powers.

On Friday afternoon this man with a very big eye on his forehead Professor Fence came to take a tour around the school. The friends thought he was a monster. Pwossssh !!!!!!. The sound of the trophy cabinet smashing on the ground. Professor Fence stole as much as trophies he could fit in his hands and was going for the exit door. Diego predicted the future and said we were going to save the day.

Yoona read his mind and she said that he wanted the gold trophies to be rich? Jiwan stax flew out the door before he did and was guarding it so he could not get out and away with it. Sunny was a detective and searched up his records and he was WANTED!!!!!!!!!!! Sunny immediately dialled on her phone 1-1-1 and just then you could hear the sirens seconds away.

They pulled up in the car park and hopped out. They arrested Professor Fence and he was fined $1000 and was going to stay in jail for 3 months or maybe a year? The police thanked the friends and each gave them $100 for the 4 years he was Wanted $400. They now became known as the Fab Four and became world famous. They appeared in the newspaper, radio and news.

Thanks for reading.
By Mitchell

Friday, 13 May 2016

Mitchell His Own War - Extended Reading Task

Walt: find evidence and clues from the text to create a description   
Archibald McColl Learmond Baxter
1881 - 1970
Archibald Baxter was a man who was known as a conscientious objector who did not believe in war. People would want Archibald to join the army because he had good shooting skills. He was also a marksman and a boxer. In his past life he quit school at 12 to go work at a farm’s in the district doing jobs like thinning turnips,milking cows, herding sheep, building fences and shooting rabbits. In 1900 Archibald was 19 and heard the local MP and lawyer Alfred Barclay speaking against war. He started to read books about Pacifism. He thought it was wrong to kill and go to war. The first world war lasted from the 4th of August 1914 to the 11th of November 1918. There was more men needed and he was one of them to get picked he refused and joined a group of men who were conscientious objectors like him.  Some of them were like him because of Religious,Political or Personal Reasons. One morning in July 1917 Archie was forced with 11 other objectors to go ship on the Waitemata ferry to ship to Wellington. He was tied up to poles and his hands were always black with congested blood. He was a very good role model. One of his sons became a conscientious objectors like him and the other son became one of NZ’s best poet’s. He had the courage to say NO and was brave enough to get called a Coward.

By Mitchell        

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mitchell Harry's War Reading Task

Mitchell Week 1 Reading Task

Text: Harry’s War by Mark Derby (School Journal L3 June 2014)

Using the text, create a short letter from Harry to Ted. In this letter, Harry is going to tell Ted that the war is over.

Think about:
  • How Harry feels at this moment in time.
  • How Harry believes the other soldiers feel at this moment in time.
  • What Harry misses the most about home.
  • What Harry is least looking forward to on the trip home.

Dear Ted,
I am hard working. I am  really exhausted and hard working. I think that the other soldiers think they are going home and that they want to have fun and celebrate. What I miss most about home is my family and my farm and farm animals. What I am looking forward to on the trip home is seeing my family and the farm animals. Thanks

From Harry

Mitchell Pavlova Harry's War Padlet - Reading Followup

Walt: use our prior knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of a text and specific vocabulary. 

Mitchell Immersion Assembly Term 2 Team 4

Kapow!! Bang!!!! POW!!! That’s the sound of Comics! I wonder where that sound comes from. That sounds like it’s coming from the Team 4 space. That’s right Team 4 this term will be learning about COMICS!!!! Team 4’s movie played. In the first scene the Wicked Bear Baxendine slide to one of the windows left slightly open. He creepily crawls inside the classroom and slid to the chromebook cupboards. Here is the Teacher Vengers Video

He hid behind the cupboard so he could not be in sight. He picks the lock with a sword and steals Bobby Jon’s Chromebook laughing with wickedness silently Escaping without being known that he his getting spied on by 2 amatuer heros out of the Bear Baxendine’s sight. He decided to have a rest on the bins. One of the Amatuer Heros say “Hey wait what is that” The next amatuer hero says “ Oh My Gosh he has Bobby Jon’s Chromebook! ” “Not for Long” Both amatuer heros charge into action with speed to confront Bear Baxendine.

When they got there Bear Baxendine confronted them with  BANG!!!! hitting a face and a big POW!!! On a big cheek. With both amatuer heros falling hip down to the ground they were Defeated and Captured by the Evil Bear Baxendine. With the hero's stuck to a big thick pole bear baxendine laughs “You can't stop me” Waaaaaaaaa let us go cries one of the amatuer heros “You can’t stop us” “who will stop me” Bear Baxendine says “The Teacher VENGERS!!!! “Let them come we will see” he says

Wondering Woman !!! Bat Guy !!!!!! and Team Leader America “Save us please” cries one of the hero’s “Time to face the music Bear Baxendine” The Teacher Vengers walking in with their walk in music as Team Leader America says “Teachers ASSEMBLE” Bat Guy saves the Amature Heros while the other members were ordered to go get Bear Baxendine. ON IT they said as they were running against him.

Thwack” the sound of Team Leader America’s shield BOOF!!! The sound of Wondering Woman’s Fist bashing his face POW!!! Bat guy runs in and kicks his face BOOM!!!! WHACk hitting the shield KAPOW!!! Hitting Wondering Woman’s painful fist. He was finally locked up in prison. They all congratulate each other for working a hard day. “Wow bat guy your muscles” “Eh hmmm” Wondering Woman says. The amatuer heros are shocked. Everyone laughs. Hehehehehehehehe Ha it’s not funny. The End.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mitchell Holiday Blogging #15

Today is Sunday 1st of May. It is the first day of the month. Anyways Hello I just got back from Coromandel and it was quite a short drive. When we got back I saw my aunts Rochelle who was marching in the ANZAC Parade and her friend and my Nana. They were waiting for us to come back home. We walked into the kitchen and I looked in the cupboard and saw heaps of food. They went food shopping while we wer staying in the batch. I looked in the fridge and saw heaps of food as well. There was also heaps of healthy youghurts for school. We said thank you so much and we gave them big hugs and then they left. In the morning we got up and had breakfast and we played board games and went down to Hahei Beach too.

See you back at school.
Thanks for Reading
By Mitchell