Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mitchell Ambassador Application

Bula Vinaka and Malo e lelei my name is Mitchell. I am part Fijian from my Mum's side and part Tongan from my Dad’s side. I am a Year 5 Student in Room 9 and 10 and 10 Years Old. My teacher is Mr Baxendine. I am also from the Year 5 and 6 Extension group for 2015. I am applying for the 2016 Pt England Ambassadors. I would love to be an ambassador for 2016. I got really good skills an ambassador could have like being polite to New Visitors,Using Appropriate Language at the right time and being very Responsible everywhere. I am also good at remembering stuff like Speeches to present in front of other visitors.

Learn: I have Learned lots of things from my teacher Mr Baxendine. He has taught me heaps of stuff this year. This was fun to learn new stuff every day. 

Create: One thing I created this year was my game animation. I used Hypo-studio to draw my new game design. In the game I was the character and I had to try get to other levels with the security guard shooting me.

Share: I have shared lots of my Reading,Writing and Maths on my blog. Hundreds of people have commented on my blog. Hundreds and thousands of people over the world have visited my blog. That is very cool.  I hope you choose me to be a Pt England Ambassador. I understand if you do not accept this Application. Thank you for reading my Application.
By Mitchell .

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mitchell Athletics Day 2015 Pt England School.

Hikianalia is the best house colour because we win every year. Our name was Takitimu but we changed it to the boat Hikianalia. Takitimu is the colour yellow. Yellow is the colour of the sun. The Sun is Strong and Hot to blow your face up. Our house colour was the best house colour than all the other house colours. We won every year and we got the best people to win.

On Friday the 13th November 2015 was Athletics Day. I rushed to School and got changed into my Yellow T-Shirt and Black Shorts. I was so excited cause I knew we were going to win again like every other year. I ran into the classroom and put clothes away and we left to the courts.

I was in the Year 5 boys. We went to go do relays. We walked down to the bottom field. At the bottom field were Obstacle Courses and heaps of other stuff. When we went to do relays we had these batons to hold. We had to run to the middle and pass it to that person then that person has to pass it to the person at the end and it keeps on going. We lined up in 5 lines. Then we started. I was at the back of the line waiting for my turn. 3 minutes later it was my turn. I was so nervous I but could do it. My friend Andrew passed me the baton. I ran as fast as I could to the middle. I passed it to Jonathan and Jonathan ran to Tom at the end. Tom ran to me and passed it. Then i ran back to the start and passed it to my Friend Simon. I was so tired after that. We kept on playing until Mr Jacobsen made this noise with the siren. It was really Fun.  We got 50 points. All the other teams got 40,30,20 and 10 points.

It was time to change over. We walked up the bottom field to the top field.  We were going to do Running. I liked Running. I saw 8 straight lines on the side of the field. The first 8 boys went to go line up then we lined up behind them. Mr Burt had this really big wooden thing. He said On your mark, get set and Go.
The first 8 boys ran really fast until they got to the end. I was really scared i was going to trip over or something. Then i saw my mum smiling at me. I wasn’t scared anymore i was now getting excited. Then Mr Burt said On your mark,get set, GO and clapped the wooden thing together. I sprinted as fast as i could. My mum was cheering on the side i ran and ran. I came 2nd to last but my mum was still proud of me. Then i ran again after the last 8 boys. I ran again as fast as i could. I 6th or 7th i think and my mum hugged me. I was so proud of myself even though i never came 1st,2nd or 3rd.

Then it was time to go home. My uncle and aunty came to watch as well. I was proud of my sisters too. They all came 1st in their races. I loved Athletics Day.

Thank you for reading my writing. By Mitchell/

Monday, 9 November 2015

Mitchell Spitting to Survive.

Spitting to Survive!
WALT: We are learning to find and use relevant parts of the text to help us answer questions accurately.

1. List the three ways spit helps humans.
2. It softens foods when we eat.
3.We would find it hard to swallow.
4. It keeps our mouth moist.

2. Which animal creates a forceful stream of water to capture insects?
a. humans
b. archer fish
c. spitting cobras
d. llamas

3. Name two reasons a llama might choose to spit.
When it feels threatened and annoying.
Spits at other llamas to steal food.

4. How does a spitting cobra use its spit to protect itself?
Their spit is poisonous venom.

5. What is the author's purpose for writing this passage?
a. to tell funny stories about animals
b. to teach the reader how animals survive
c. to express opinions about animals
d. to show how animals are different

Blogger Activity: Create a presentation or drawing or online paint picture that shows 3 creatures that spit to survive. Make sure include: Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 9.51.11 AM.png
  • An image
  • Name the animal
  • Why they spit
  • Extra info

Title: ‘Spitting to Survive’ or ‘Spitting Animals’

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fijian Coup

Long time ago in 1879 in Fiji came Indians. Indians sailed all the way from India to Fiji. The Indians came to Fiji to work on the Sugar Plantations. No one in Fiji did it. So the Indians did it. They planted the Sugar Canes from 1879-1916. The Fijians decided for the Indians to stop working on it in 1916. The Indians lived in Fiji and became Fijian Indians. Later on in the years they were celebrating religious festivals in Fiji. Like Diwali,Holi and birthdays of Hindu gods and Muslim festivals too. The native people of Fiji were Canibals from 1801 - 1900. Christianity came to fiji in 1900. The native people call Jesus Jisu and worshiped god. In Suva City the Indians worshiped Ganesha the elephant god,Lakshmi the god of peace and other gods for Muslims like Allah and their prophet Mohamed. Then in around the 1980s their was the Fijian Coup. The Fijian Coup was about Indians. Indians wanted to take over Fiji. All the Fijians got all their army all their guns and were killing hundreds of Indians. Indians were fighting back too with their guns bombs it was so dangerous. Fijians did not want all of their false gods in their country. They did not want them in Fiji. Some Indians took over some Fijians and told them to stay. Other countries did not allow Fijians to come to their country either. My Mums Uncle was in the Fijian Army with my grandpa. My grandpa died when my mum was a little girl. Once we went to Fiji and visted his grave. Anyways my mums uncle stayed behind in Fiji. Lots of them were ruled by the Indians. Up in Vanua Levu hundreds of people were still canibals. Even today they still carry on with the Fijian Tradition. Back then in the 1800s if an Indian came to try rule over their Island the natives would get their big sharp stick they kept in the Village and would kill them and eat them. Today Indians still live in Fiji and the Fijian Coup still goes on but all the Fijians still stay and rule in Fiji.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mitchell Pt England New Logo Design

This is my new Pt England Logo. If we could change the Logo I would change it to this logo I made on Hyperstudio. By Mitchell.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mitchell Cindy In Da House Review

Mitchell - Reflection/Cindy In Da House-Review
(Extension Work).

On the 22nd-24th of september was our School Production Cindy In Da House. It started at 7:00pm every night and finished at 8:00pm. Each ticket cost $5 each for 1 person.

It was the story about Cinderella but it was G.I styles. At the end Cindy became best friends was Josh. He was the captain of the rugby team. Josh was her best friend instead of a prince and Instead of a glass slipper it was Cindy’s Jandal. Cindy stayed with her step aunty and her cousins. It was so cool.

Review: What i liked about Cindy In Da House is there was Acting,Dancing and Singing. It was so fun. What i did not like about it was nothing. I liked the whole production. I would give it 10/10.

Mitchell School Holidays Writing

It was Friday the last day of school. We were all sitting down in the hall for the assembly. At the end Mr Burt said to say Happy Holidays. Then we all said it. Then finally we could all go now. The 12:30 bell rang. Mr Jacobsen was playing the music for the end. I was so happy saying goodbye to all my friends and my teacher Mr Bax too. I was so excited. There was no school for 2 whole weeks.

I ran to go get my sisters and we ran home. When I went home I went to go quickly eat and drink. Then I went to go pack my stuff for Riverside Camp. My sisters were going to the School Holiday Program at our church for one week. On Monday we went to go to School early in the morning at 8:00 in the morning. Riverside camp was so fun.

It was at Willow Park. The workers served us Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner every day. We slept in our cabins with our teams. We had lots of bunk beds. We got our own bed to sleep on. I slept at the top of the bunk bed. At the end there was a big door. That was the girls side were all the girls were sleeping in.

Anyways We had a toilets and showers. We had about 4 showers in the Boys bathroom. Everyday we got to have Free time. When we have Free time we get to play in our Cabins and play outside. Outside were 2 trampolines, a mini golf course, a playground and a really big field.

Every night we had games outside. Like Crunchy hunt to find chocolate and spotlight. We had a disco with lots of colourful lights.
Everyone was dancing. We were all dressed in our best clothes. All of us had fun.

On the last day I couldn't wait to go home we packed all our stuff and left. I said bye to all the kids at Riverside Camp and left. Then it was the 2nd week of the School Holidays. I was going to the School Holiday Program at Church.

At the School Holiday Program all of my friends from church were there. My Uncle Matt,Aunty Kika and Aunty Febi and our other helper Richard were looking after us

We went to places like Jump. When i went to Jump i kept on jumping around. It was so fun. There was even a basketball hoop with a basketball so you could jump very high and make a score. There was heaps of foam you could jump into. You could swing from a rope too.

You could also play dodgeball. It's fun when you play it because you can jump around on the trampolines instead of just standing there on the ground. It was so fun.

We also went to Waiwera Hot Pools. We drove to Waiwera in the 2 Church Vans. It was so long to get there. Finally we got there. We went inside and we payed for all of us who were swimming. Then a Lifeguard came to talk to us. He was talking about where to go like the Toilets and stuff.

They showed us our tables that we can sit at and eat and drink. I went to go get changed into my swimming togs. Then i came back with all my change. I grabbed my goggles and went to go swim with all the other kids.

There was a Movie pool too. It was so warm. I went inside and watched Shaun the Sheep. All the kids went to the front of the pool to watch the movie. After that i ran to the big slides. There was a slide called the Speed slide. It was yellow and 2 people could go on it at a time.

Then there was a really big green slide. It was called the Twister. It twisted around and around. It was so cool. I went back home to my family. We went to Okahu Bay and played on the park. I was looking forward to going back to school. It was really fun in the school holidays. The End. Thanks for reading my writing on my blog.

By Mitchell.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mitchell and Simon-Crocodile Attack

One calm day a nervous man went fishing on his boat. He was scared when he saw a dangerous crocodile getting ready to eat him. He was really shocked. He slipped then got back up banging the boat so he could drive  away.

Mitchell and Simon- The Bull Chase

One day a man went for a walk. He walked past the Zoo. At the Zoo there was a wild bull that came out of nowhere. He was wearing a red t-shirt. The bull started to chase him. He took off his t-shirt and jandals and ran to the beach. The bull followed him to the beach. The man went to the water and was swimming away. The End. By Mitchell and Simon.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mitchell Recount Paragraph- Marked

On Monday 7th September 2015 it was Cross Country at Pt England School. It was a beautiful day. We have it every year. At Cross Country you have to run with your own year. The first people that run are the Year 1 Boys right up to the Year 8 Girls. Your teacher would tell you what your house colour is. Te Arawa is Red, Tainui is Blue, Matatua is Green and Takitimu is Yellow. I was in Takitimu.
The day before Cross Country you have to pack in your bag a Coloured T-Shirt. For Example if you were in Takitimu you had to bring a Yellow T-Shirt to School.                     

Cross Country starts at 1:00 pm every year. We have a early lunch then we go with our teachers to go to the hard court to go sit down and wait for our Principal Mr Burt. Mr Burt will tell us the rules of where to go and where not to go. Year 1,2 3 and 4 kids have someone in front of them so they know where to run. If they don't have someone in front of them they wouldn’t know where to go.

I was a School Photographer. I was taking photos of the school while they were waiting. I took photos of all the kids sitting down waiting for their turn. I was taking photos of teachers wearing their house colours and parents hoping that their child would come first. I took photos of kids cheering for their brothers and sisters too.

Then Mr Burt called up all the Year 1 boys. He was talking to them. Then he got his Wooden thing. The wooden thing makes a big clap sound. Instead of saying Go he bangs the thing together and makes a big clap sound. All of the Year 1 boys were very nervous. Mr Burt said On your Mark Get Set and Clap. They all ran. They were so fast. While the first person out of the Year 1 Boys went around the corner they were all getting the Year 1 Girls ready. Then the first person of the Year 1 Boys came. Everyone was Cheering.

Then it was time for the Year 1 Girls. My little 5 year old sister was in the race. I was smiling at her. I was so proud of her. Then Mr Burt did the same thing. Then he put together the wooden thing. It clapped. At first my sister did not know what to do. Then she saw other girls running so she went and ran with them. She was so fast.

Then it was the Year 2 boys. Mr Burt did the same thing. Then they ran. Everyone was cheering for Ozzie. Then Ozzie did come first. Then it was the Year 2 Girls. My sister Maddison was in there. I was so proud of her too. Then she ran. Me and my mum were cheering for her. She was coming first. Then another girl went to catch up to her. But my sister did not come first she came 2nd. I was so happy.

It was the Year 3 boys. Then the Year 3 girls. My other sister was in there too. Then she ran she was coming first. Then she went around the corner i was cheering for her. Go Levonah. She came 1st. Me and my mum were so proud of her. She was so fast.
Then the Year 4 boys went and the Year 4 girls went.
Then the Year 5 boys turn. It was my turn. I was so nervous and scared.

Then Mr Burt said Go. I was running and so scared. Lots of people in my Year tripped up at the start. I kept on running and running. The i went past the black gate. It was starting to get muddy. I was still running. We had to run down near the reserve. I could taste some of my blood in my throat but i kept on going. I was near the finish line. My mum said try beat the boys in front of me and i did. My mum was cheering for me. I think i came like 12th. My mum was so proud of me. Then i went to go have a drink of water. Then all the other years went.

After school my mum gave us a treat. I was so proud of myself. The End. By Mitchell.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Mitchell About Me Update 2015

Bula Vinaka my name is Mitchell. I am 10 years old. I am a Year 5 student at Pt England School. I am in Room 9 and 10. My teachers are Mrs Jacobsen,Mr Baxendine and Ms Mackinlay. My Mum is Fijian and My Dad is Tongan. I am Half Fijian and Half Tongan. My favourite food are Pancakes,Waffles,Cakes,Muffins,Cupcakes,Sushi,Butter Chicken, Cream pancakes,Custard Pie,Mince and Cheese pies and lots of other stuff. My favourite place to go is to Rainbows End,Skycity and some other places. One of my favourite movies is The Hunger Games Movies. I  love reading books and watching movies. My favourite colour is Blue. My best friend is Simon.

Insert a drawing or photograph of yourself: Me

Screenshot 2015-09-04 at 10.32.47 AM.png

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mitchell Trade Fair Writing

WALT:  Elaborate on our ideas by giving extra detail and background information.
            Use capital letters & full stops correctly.
Start Writing Here:  Hi my name is Mitchell. Last Friday Team 4 had a Trade Fair. We had a Trade Fair in the both classes. Room 9 and 10 and Room 6,7 and 8. We had a Trade fair so people can Order things and we can make it and then we give it to them and they pay us. Last month we each filled out a form. The form said which group you want to work in. We all filled it in. Then the next week we got into our groups. I was in the homeware group. We watched some youtube videos about how we could make our stuff. Me and my buddy ben were watching some youtube videos about how to make soap. We wanted to make soap. We were going to sell them for 1PT. Pieces means cents and PTS means dollars. Miss Lavakula got the ingredients for us. She got some Glycerine. At Lunchtime Miss Lavakula called me and ben to come in the hall kitchen. She poured some Glycerine in a bowl. Then she put some hot water in the bowl. Next she told ben to put the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds. After it was in the microwave i got a spoon i was mixing the Glycerine. Then we kept on putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds. I put some olive oil in the moulds so it wouldn't stick to the moulds. Then we smelt the fragrances. There was Strawberry and Lemon fragrance. The Lemon fragrance smelt like candle wax and the Strawberry fragrance smelt so nice. We picked the Strawberry fragrance. Miss Lavakula put some little drops of the fragrance into the mixture. Then we put the mixture into the moulds. The next week the soap was ready. The soap looked so cool. The soap did not have any colour but we were going to make some more soap with colour. When it was friday it was the Trade fair. Everyone was selling their stuff that they made. We kept on making orders. Now we are going to make all of the stuff. Thanks for reading. Bye. By Mitchell.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mitchell Creative Writing- The Plane

WALT: Use adverbs to make our writing exciting.
Text type: Narrative
Helpful Links:
List of adverbs which might help you.  


P1: Introduction:

P2: What happened

P3: Conclusion:
Once you have finished draw an image that represents your writing in sumo paint or ABC paint. And post your writing to the blog and blog log.

Start Writing Here: I was walking with all of my friends to the Airport. Suddenly i heard this sound. I thought it was only a little fly flapping his wings. But suddenly the little sound got louder and louder. I said to all my friends “Can you hear that sound” They said Yes. I nervously looked behind me. There was a Humongous plane behind us. I loudly screamed “RUN” We all ran for our lives. I was on the side of the plane. I dived down like i was going to score a try for a rugby game. All of my other friends were safe. They ran with me. Three of my friends got hit and they were injured. One of them had a broken leg and the two others injured their face by bumping into the plane and flying and then falling down on their face. I was thinking about how the plane was going to stop. The plane slowed down and went on fire. All the people in the plane were very lucky. They fell and crashed the windows and fell out the plane before the plane set on fire. Three of my friends and the people that were on the plane walked into the airport. All the workers called for help and they called 111. We needed the Ambulance truck for the Injured people,We needed the fire truck to set out the fire and we needed the police to come and make sure everyone was ok and made sure no one went around that area. The news reporters came talking all about it. I was on the news with my friends getting Interviewed. The story was on the front page of the newspaper. Everyone was talking about it. The plane driver hit his head on the ground and had brain damage. He couldn’t even remember what had even happened. 3 months later my friends were ok. They got better and all the people on the plane got better too. We were all happy. The End.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mitchell About Me Update

Bula Vinaka and welcome to my blog. Hello my name is Mitchell. I am a Year 5 student at Pt England School. I am in Room 9 and 10 and my teachers are Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Baxendine. I was born on August 8th 2005. I am half Fijian half tongan. I have a pet dog called Clifford and a pet Rabbit called James. I have 3 sisters called Levonah,Maddison Rose and Leonora Grace. My Dad’s name is Lau and my Mum’s name is Wini. My favourite colour is Blue. I like watching movies and reading books. My best friends name is Simon. My favourite subject at school is Reading and Writing. My favourite games are Minecraft,Scribblenauts and Virtual Families 2. Please leave a comment and i hope you enjoy my Blog. Thanks for reading.

Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 12.54.07 PM.png

Friday, 24 July 2015

Mitchell Holiday Highlight Wedding 2015

During the school holidays i went to my Uncle and Auntys  wedding. We were all getting dressed up at my Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother’s house. Then we all left to go to the wedding. The wedding was at St Oswald's church. Everyone went to sit down. Then the song was playing. My aunty was singing the song. Then my other aunty came walking in with their baby. My baby cousin's name was Jireh. Then my aunty walked in. She was wearing her veil and her white dress. Then she came to my uncle. Then they were holding hands. Then this man did a big speech. Finally the man said you may kiss the bride. Then we went to the reception. The reception was at the Commerence Club of Auckland. We had to wait for my uncle and my aunty. They were taking wedding photos.

Then my uncle and aunty came to the door. Everyone was Joyful. My little Tiny cousins were hungry. All the kids went to eat first. There were lots of people who were Greedy for food. We were all Selfish. There were lots of cupcakes too. I went to go make tea with my cousin. There was Green tea, English Breakfast,Earl Grey but my favourite was English Breakfast. Then we went to go sit down. Then my uncle and aunty did a big speech. After that we were all dancing. We were dancing until 11:00. Everyone else went away. My family stayed. I was playing with my cousins. Then after that we all left to go home. We were all going to Valentines the next day. It was going to be fun.

Then we went to Valentines. All my nana's, auntys,uncles,cousins and my family were there. When we got there we were all talking. Then we all went to go get our food. I got some sushi and some Butter chicken with some chips on tartae sauce. Then we went to go get dessert. I got some whipped cream first it was yummy. Then i got some peaches. I love peaches. It was so yummy. Then i went to go get some drinks. After everyone ate we went to go to my uncles house to celebrate their wedding. When it was night time we went to their house to go have a BBQ. I had some meat patties and a sausage. I was thirsty so i went to go have a drink. Then after that i went to go play with my cousins. We were playing outside. Then it was dark so everyone left.

The next day everyone was going back to Fiji early in the morning. The End. By Mitchell.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mitchell Animation Game

My name is Mitchell and I created this game for people who are bored on wet lunch times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Level 1 is the easiest level because there is no one fighting you.

On Level 2 there is the powerful Snow Princess. She does not want you to come into her Icy Kingdom.

On Level 3 you are at the mall. Make sure you do not get caught by the security guard. Go to the store to buy magical powers to defeat your enemy.

Get Fighting Mitch right now at the warehouse for only $5. It is really cheap.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mitchell Man in Space Writing

Start writing here: Man in space.jpg
There was a spaceman called Taras who was on a mission. His mission was to give all the presents to all the kids around the world for Christmas. Their parents could not afford any money for their other toys. Their kids wish list had like 100 presents on there. Some of the toys were all sold out or some of the toys they could not afford to pay for. It was only for like the rich kids who had like $100,000 dollars in their own bank account. Other kids had only like $10 for their pocket money to spend. The astronaut had to go through the portal to go to Florida in America. He always wanted to go there but  he always living in Russia with the boring work meetings and the Church speaking. He had enough of that boringness. It was time he had to go explore the world.

He went through the portal. The portal was called the Milky way. He was always thinking at Astronaut school that the Milky way actually had Milk there but there wasn’t. He was just swirling and spinning he felt so dizzy. Then he fell out of the sky into the Capital of Florida. Luckily he landed on the soft burning sand at the beach. Everyone was sunbathing,swimming and having lots of fun with the hot sun. He had to get out of his space outfit. His master said he would go to the blue house on Bucklands Street. His master said the address was 54 Bucklands Street. He was looking around then finally he saw the number 54 with the blue house. The master said there was a key under the fake rock near the mailbox. He lifted the fake rock up and found the fake key. It was made out of gold.

He opened the door. It had a bed,some spare clothes,food with a kitchen, a tv and a machine with a sheet on top of it. It had a note on it and said this will help you give presents to the kids. When he lifted up the sheet it was a MONEY MAKER. He was so surprised. He printed out 50 copies of $100 notes. He ran outside to go to the warehouse but he saw the garage in the backyard. He wondered what was in there. There was a cool red car. It was one of those ones that had no roofs on top of it. They sold those cars really cheap in Florida because it was summer time.It was only like $150. Anyways he saw a note on the glove box. It had a mic on it. He pushed the button and it gave a signal to his master. The master said “ Sorry forgot to tell you about the car anyways it has a button you press to go fast as 150 kilometers ok bye”.

Taras drove off with the red car. He finally parked at the warehouse and entered through the door. He went in the Kids Toys aile. He saw Dolls,Action Figures,Video Games and lots more. They were all on special. He went to buy all of them. He rang the parents. The master gave the phone numbers. He rang all the parents to see what was on their wishlist. He grabbed all the presents and put them on the counter he payed for them and drove back to the house. He wrapped them up in wrapping paper and put them in boxes. Christmas was just the next day. He had to quickly get all of them wrapped up. He ordered a plane with his money. He got all the presents and put them through the chimneys of the kids. The parents said thank you and put them under the Christmas tree.

The next day was CHRISTMAS. Everybody was so excited. It was snowing everywhere. Everyone was happy. All the kids ran to the Christmas tree and saw all the presents. They were all so excited to open all of them. All of the girls got their pink barbie dolls and all the boys got their video games. Taras was so happy to help all of the kids. His master was very surprised. His master said a big thank you. Taras became the richest man in the world. He decided to stay in Florida. Sometimes he would go back to Russia to see all of his family. From now on Taras lived in Florida. He married a beautiful wife and had two amazing kids. Taras owned a big mansion and helped everyone in Florida and Russia. Taras became the happiest man on earth and lived happily ever after with his family and the beautiful paradise of Florida.

The End. By Mitchell. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mitchell Man in Space and Teacher Writing

Start writing here: This Russian spaceman has lots of equipment on his clothing for space with an blue tube for him to breath and he has an excellent view of earth behind him for people to look at. A person took a picture of the Russian astronaut

In Pt England School Mrs Jacobsen is one of our lovely teachers in Room 10 with a little baby in her stomach,amazing red hair and her excellent teaching.

In Pt England School tall Mr Barks is our amazing teacher who helps us build lots of things in Makerspace with wood.

In Pt England School one of our amazing teachers Mr Baxendine with his cool looking hair,his cool clothes and amazing glasses walks in to help Room 9 learn.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Mitchell Times Table Blogpost

In maths we have been learning the 4,6 & 7 timestables. Here is my Tablesmaster score for today.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mitchell Jack and the beanstalk Story

Byline: Tuesday 26th May 2015
On Saturday afternoon in London England Jack’s Mother told Jack to go sell their cow to get some money. Jack and his mother were very poor. Jack’s Mother told Jack to go sell the cow at the market. While Jack was walking to the market to go sell the cow on his way he saw a man. The man saw the cow. He wanted to buy the cow off from Jack. He asked Jack if he could buy the cow. Jack said yes. The man gave him some beans. Jack said no this is not money. The man said it was Magic beans. Jack said yes and kept the beans. When Jack went home he went to go show the Beans to his mum. The mum said where is the money. Jack said he traded the cow for these magic beans. Jacks Mum did not believe in magic and flicked Jack’s ears and through the beans outside the window. Then Jack and his Mother went to bed. The next morning Jack ran outside to look for the beans. When he got outside he did not see the beans. Instead he saw a beanstalk. The beanstalk went all the way up to the clouds. He was so shocked. He climbed the beanstalk and went up into the clouds. When he got there he saw a castle. The castle was like a mansion. Jack saw the biggest giant. He has never seen a real giant before. The giant was sleeping. He was quickly walking upstairs without making a noise. He entered  a room with lots of treasures in it. He filled some bags with gold and diamonds. Then he grabbed a cage. Inside the cage was a goose. The goose laid golden eggs. He quickly climbed down the beanstalk. But when he was halfway there the giant came climbing down. He had just woken up from his sleep. He was climbing down to kill jack for stealing his treasure. Jack had quickly picked up an axe. He got the axe and cut down the beanstalk. The giant fell down. The sound was so loud that it woke Jack's Mother up. Jack’s Mother woke up and ran outside. She saw Jack and the bags of gold. She ran to Jack and hugged him. She wondered where the giant came from. But she did not care where the giant came from. She only was happy that she and her son where rich. They brought new clothes and a big mansion. They lived happily ever after. The End.