Friday, 9 May 2014

Mitchell Term 2 Week 1 2014 Maths Hexagons

Samoa has 14 lollipops and Kaden ate 6 of them. How many does Samoa have left? 8

Kyron took 12 photos on the iPad at assembly but Mitchell deleted 7 of them. How many photos are left on the iPad? 5

Miss Nalder had 32 flutter boards and gave 9 of them to students at the pool. How many did she have left over? 23

Kosini had $23 dollars and he donated $5 to the ANZAC day collection. How much money did he have afterwards? 18

Mitchells Holiday Recount

In the holidays i went to the movies to watch Mr peabody and sherman and i had a big drink and some popcorn.After the movie i went to church.We were making little boxes out of paper for mothers day.Then we drawed some pictures on it for our mums.Then after that we went to a concert to see Naomi Striemer.She sang lots of songs and she told a long story.In the afternoon i watched  the alice and wonderland show.There were people wearing costumes an acting it out they were really good.   By Mitchell

The End