Friday, 6 June 2014

Mitchell CRE Mary Jones and her Bible

Mary Jones and her Bible

Many,Many years ago a small girl lived with her parents in a small stone cottage in the Welsh countryside.Mary,s parents were weavers.They worked really hard for some pennies.Mary helped with the household chores.She fed the chickens,milked the cows,swept the floors and cleaned the house.On Sunday mornings mary went to church with her parents dressed in their best clothes.They sat on big long chairs and listened to the words of the bible.Mary always wanted a bible of her own.Her parents could not afford enough pennies to buy a bible for mary.Mary had an idea she thought she could save up heaps and heaps of pennies.She did not care how long it took to save up her pennies for a bible.She saved her pennies for 6 long years doing chores for other people and doing outdoor work.Soon she had enough pennies to buy a bible for herself.She told her parents and her parents told her there were no more bibles left on sale.They told her teacher what she had done for the past 6 years.Mary,s teacher told her there was a man that sold some bibles in the town of Bala.Mary,s parents told her bala was 25 miles away.Mary did not change her mind. She walked on foot all the way to bala for nearly the whole day.She arrived in the town of Bala in the evening and found the man,s door.Mr Charles.She knocked loudly on his door.Mr Charles opened the door and she told Mr Charles her whole story.Mr Charles was surprised he said you need something to eat first.So she ate her bread and chesse.She got given the last bible from Mr Charles.Thank you she said and ran back to her small stone cottage.She showed it to her parents and freinds and she read her bible nearly everyday. The End

By Mitchell