Monday, 10 July 2017

Mitchell - WLJ - Day #3 - Wild Eyes

Hey bloggers! Today is officially Day #3 of the Winter Learning Journey. I have had so much fun blogging the past days! Let's begin!

Activity 1 : Adopting a Native Animal

Curious Kiwi is going to be my tour guide today! He is going to take me around to visit the Otorohanga Kiwi house and Native Bird Park, where most of his family lives. It takes 5 hours to get from Dargaville to the Native Bird Park, so I leave at Breakfast and arrive at Lunch. I decide to help by adopting a little critter! Here is my little critter:
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I have decided to adopt a Brown Kiwi! The Scientific name is named a Apteryx mantelli. The name's pretty hard to pronounce! Here are 3 interesting facts about the Brown Kiwi. 

1. Kiwi can live in between the ages of 25 and 50! That's amazing.
2. Did you know? that there are 68,000 Kiwi left in NZ. Were losing 2% every year.
3. Did you know? that there are 5 different species of Kiwi. The brown kiwi is one of them.

What kind of animal are they? Kiwi. What do they eat? Kiwi's normally digest seeds, grubs, and different kinds of worms. They also eat heaps of fruit, small crayfish and eels.  Where do brown normally live? They live on the North Island normally in luscious forests.

Activity 2 : Possum trouble!

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After my great visit to the Otorohanga Kiwi House, it's time to hop back in the bus and travel to Hawkes Bay in Napier. It's really popular for their wines and more. I decided to take a walk with Curious Kiwi in the park. We see some trees with leaves that are damaged. Curious Kiwi tells me that they are damaged my local possums. People are working very hard to trap these possums.

I have been asked to post my opinion on my blog on whether New Zealand should be predator free or not. Here's my opinion: I think Possums should not stay in New Zealand but be put in a special area. 

I think people should start to trap all possums in New Zealand and put them in a special area where they cannot harm anything. 

Also I think possums should stay out of New Zealand because they damage New Zealand Native life such as plants, and also Kauri trees an much more. They also kill Native birds too.

I also think they should not stay in New Zealand because the cause trouble and also harm things around themselves.

Bonus : The Moa

After a long day of exploring I decided to relax. I have dinner with some friends and head to bed. As I'm about to fall asleep I hear something moving outside! What could it be? It sounds like a large bird! Maybe it's a Moa.....

I have been asked to complete a challenge on a new website that has recently been launched named Wild Eyes! I have to complete the Giant Moa discovery mission! To earn full points I must post a picture of my Moa on the Wild eyes website and on my blog. Let's go!

Here is my Wild Eyes selfie I created. I simply took a photo on my chromebook and uploaded it to the site. I like really funny! You should try it too! 

Well that's it for now bloggers!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M


  1. Kia ora Mitchell,

    Hehe...I love the picture that you posted of yourself with your 'Wild Eyes.' They look really cool! Did they tell you on the 'Wild Eyes' site which animal's eyes you were given??

    I hope that you enjoyed the 'Giant Moa Discovery' task. It is certainly one of my favourite on the whole site. The Wild Eyes team is really trying to encourage students to explore their own backyards. If you have time, I'd encourage you to explore their website. You may even find another activity that catches your attention or imagination!

    Speaking of imagination, I was just thinking more about your post regarding kiwi birds and trying to imagine what it would be like to see a real kiwi bird in the the wild. Have you seen one? I saw one at the Auckland Zoo a few years ago but it was very shy and stayed, mostly, hidden from sight. I can't blame him, though. I don't think that I would enjoy being caged up in a zoo for people to come and see. What about you?

    As always, I have really enjoyed your post Mitchell. It was informative, interesting and entertaining.

    Keep up the great work!!!


    1. Kia Ora Rachel,

      Thanks for checking out my post! No they didn't tell me on the site which animal I was given. The Giant Moa Discovery Task was really great! Yup! I will also explore more of the website later!

      Speaking of Kiwi's I have personally seen one at Auckland Zoo too! It was also quiet too and shy too. Yes! Some are really shy, but really innocent.

      Once again, thanks for reading my posts! I hope it was really interesting and entertaining for you. Well see you later!



  2. KIA ORA Mitchell,
    My name is Lusia and i'm a year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School! I like your profile picture on the wild eyes website! I am on level 2 already and 20 points on my dashboard! I hope to see heaps of discovery's on your achievements!!
    I totally agree with you, they should put all the possums in a place that is safe and harmless!
    love to see more things from you!