Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mitchell Summer learning journey Day # 14 - Powerful People

Hello blog viewers. Today is Day 14 of the Summer learning journey.  Today's blog post is about powerful people. Enjoy!

Activity 1 - Rules

Image result for rulesHere in New Zealand, the prime minister of the country is the Honourable John Key. Imagine that I are Mr. Key and I have the power to create laws (rules) that all people in New Zealand would have to follow. If Rachel were the prime minister she would make a rule that everyone should eat lollies for breakfast. What three (3) rules would I make up if you I the prime minister? Here are the three rules: 1. Every time you walk past someone poor you would have to give them $1. 2. Eat whatever you want every day. 3. Spend time with family every day.

Activity 2 - President
Image result for donald trump and hillary clintonSome people say the most powerful person in the world is the President of the United States. That is obviously false. "Donald Trump" has recently won the elections as the new President of the United States. His closest competitor was "Hillary Clinton" Here are 3 facts about Hillary Clinton : 1. If Hillary Clinton won last year's election she would've been the first female president of the USA in history. 2. The name of her husband is "Bill Clinton". 3. She is a former United States secretary of state.
Bonus - Prime minister
Image result for john keyI have been asked to tell you if I would like to be the Prime minister. I would not want to be the Prime minister because being the Prime minister is very hard work and lots of sorting out and interviewing has to be done.
Thanks for reading 
By Mitchell M.


  1. Kia ora Mitchell!

    I love the pictures that you have found to support your blog posts. They really add to the post. For the bonus activity, you may wish to update your photo, however, as the picture depicts our former prime minister, Mr John Key. He actually stepped down or resigned as the Prime Minister of New Zealand (PM) in December 2016. He has now been replaced by another member of his party (the National Party), Mr Bill English.

    His decision to suddenly retire as PM caught a lot of people by surprise. He was supposed to continue as PM until later this year (2017) but, for a number of reasons, decided that it would be better to step away from politics earlier than expected.

    I would imagine that he simply grew too tired of being constantly 'on call' and needed to take some time to rest and recover from 8 incredibly busy and stressful years as the head of the country. Like you, I don't think that it is a job that I would like to have. It strikes me as being the busiest, most intense and exhausting job there is. I much prefer teaching and researching!

    Having said that, I do think that you would make a good PM given the three rules that you created in Activity #1. I love the idea of spending every day with your family, eating whatever you want and giving generously to people in need. I believe that giving to others is such an important thing to do. Awesome suggestion, Mitchell!

    Keep up the great work. At this rate, you will finish the journey within the next week!


  2. Hi Mitchell

    Well done for participating in the Summer Learning Journey. I enjoyed reading this post and I thought that your 3 rules if you were the PM were great. Even though you mentioned that you would not like to be the PM of NZ, I think that you would be a wonderful PM based on your sensible, generous, reliable, hard working and kind nature. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  3. Hi there Mitchell,

    My Name is Von and I'm a year 7 student from S.P.X school. Wow your 3 rules are good and I agree with you, being the prime minister can be a hard job. Great work and Keep up it Up!


  4. Hi Mitchell! I see you will have done lots of reading with the other comments already. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this blog. I like that you want to help the poor and think it is a very special quality of your personality.

    I think you would make a good PM, because the best leaders are not the ones that want to be leaders, but are leaders because their people need them.

    Keep up the excellent standard of work. You can be very proud of how you are doing on this Summer Learning Journey.