Monday, 19 December 2016

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 3

Good morning blog viewers. Today is Day 3 of the Summer learning journey. Lets begin this fun adventure!

Image result for buying a ticket at the airportActivity 1 : Buying a ticket
I just finished watching the 2 Air New Zealand videos on how to stay safe on a plane. If you would like to view them click her on the links. Men in Black and Safety in Hollywood
Here are my list of 3 things to do on a plane to keep safe.
1. Seatbelt - Always buckle your seatbelt in first thing when you get in your seat.
3. Smoking - No smoking on the plane because people around you may breath it in and get sick.
3. Items - Any loose items you have on hold go under your chair or on the overhead locker.

Activity 2 : I have been asked to create my very own airline. What shall I call it? Here is a logo for my airline company I created on Design Mantic. 

Description - The name of the airlines is PeopleATW. It stands for People Around the World. In my picture there is a airplane flying with the sun rusing under it. There are a few birds too with some palm trees on the right of the image. There is also a sandy base where the palm trees have grown from. 

Bonus - Here are the prices of return plane tickets from Auckland to the blogging countries.
Australia = 864.810 dollars
Japan = 1,788.36 dollars
Malaysia =  2,300.30 dollars
United Arab Emirates 2,817.32 dollars
South Africa = 2,787.52 dollars
Germany = 3,262.97 dollars
England = 2,579.69 dollars
Chile = 3,364.476 dollars 
Mexico = 6,358.40 dollars
Canada = 2,217.30 dollars

The most expensive flight would be Chile with 3,364.476 dollars. The least most expensive flight would be Australia as it is right next door to New Zealand with 864.810 dollars.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell M.


  1. Hi Mitchell,
    It's so awesome to see that you have started your Summer blogging journey. I think that's a great name for your airline. How much would it cost to fly to Greece? I've always wanted to visit Santorini. It is a beautiful place.

    Love from Miss Lavakula

    1. It is $1530 to fly from Auckland to Greece

    2. Great work, Mitchell. Thanks for investigating the cost of a ticket from Auckland to Greece. I hope that Miss Lavakula has the opportunity to get to Santorini one day. It really does look like a pretty spectacular place...

      Rachel :)

  2. Hi Miss Lavakula
    Thanks for the comment. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. Anyways see you around.
    Love from Mitchell.

  3. Wow Mitchell, you are better than a travel agent! Maybe you could go into that business when you leave school? I am enjoying following your SLJ. Keep it up.

    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi Mitchell,

    Wow look at that awesome logo! How did you make it? It looks so cool!

    Great listening and observation on the videos. If you had to add another rule, what might it be?

    Ka pai,