Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Mitchell - Summer learning journey Day # 9

Activity 1 - Meet my family
I have been asked to introduce my family. I have met Rachel's family and they are a very cool family. My family is made up of 6 amazing people (including me). My father Lau is the oldest and is very strong and smart. My mother Wini is the second oldest who is very loving and supportive. Now my siblings,I have 3 sisters who are very lovely but sometimes they are very annoying! Their names are Levonah,Maddison and Leonora. Now me the oldest of the kids. I am very intelligent and brave. That is my family. Oh I forgot my dog Clifford he is 5 years old. He can also jump very high fences. 

Activity 2 - Big family

Image result for duggar familyIf I was one of the Duggar children would I like it? Here is one reason of why I would like it and not like it. I would like it because there are heaps of children in the house to play with. I may not like it because siblings can be annoying sometimes. 

Bonus - Family member Interview
I have been asked to interview a family member. I have chosen to interview my mum:
1. What is your name? : Wini
2. Where were you born? : Wellington
3. How many siblings do you have? : 5 siblings from my mother's side and also 9 from my father's side.
4. What is your favourite thing about living in NZ? : The greenery and the beaches.
5.  If you could travel anywhere in the world,where would you go and why? : Jerusalem because she wants to see where Jesus walked.

Thanks for reading
By Mitchell.M


  1. Good morning Mitchell!!

    Wow, I absolutely love the picture of you and your family. It's great to see you, your mom, dad and sisters all having a special meal together over the holidays. I am planning to do exactly the same thing tomorrow with my son, Aronui. His favourite food at the moment is Indian so we're going to go to our local restaurant and have a special meal. I can't wait!

    I also really enjoyed learning a bit more about your mom. It sounds like she has a really big family. Wow! I only have one sister. I can't imagine what it would be like to have 14 siblings across the entire family!

    I hope that your mom is able to get to Jerusalem one day to see where Jesus once walked. It is, apparently, a truly incredible experience. I have never been but I would love to go one day.

    In the meantime, we can continue to enjoy the beautiful greenery and the gorgeous beaches that we have here in New Zealand. It really is a spectacular country, isn't it? I went out to Piha yesterday (a beach on the west side of Auckland that is close to my house) and I stood on the sand and just admired the view. It was truly stunning!

    Hope that you and your family have a stunning day:)


  2. Good Morning Mitchell!

    Great work on this blog! It was really nice to read about your family and your mums dreams!

    You might not know, but before this year I lived overseas in Korea and Vietnam for 3 years. Being back home has been really interesting. I feel like I have more and better friends now, and a closer relationship with my family. For me, these are the best things about New Zealand.

    Some of the best things about living in Korea is how late everything stayed open, and how close everything is, and how cheap food is. It was very easy to meet up with friends or go out for dinner there in the evening, and there was always something to do on the weekends. I miss that the most about living abroad, because in Auckland everyone lives far apart and needs to drive everywhere, and its expensive here.

    What I'm trying to do now is bring that hang-out culture back here by making my friends always do stuff together on the weekend. We go hiking and to the beach whenever we can. It's a lot better than when I used to live here. Way more interesting and fun!

    What are some of your favourite things to do with your mates?