Friday, 24 November 2017

Mitchell - Explanation Writing ( Role Model )

Hey bloggers! Here is my piece of Explanation Writing completed a few weeks ago, which I forgot to post! Enjoy this post!
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Do you have a role model? Do you even know what a role model is? Well if you don’t I will be explaining to you what an role model is. A role model is a person you may look up to. Well it’s as if you are getting inspired be a real big person you look up too. They don’t have to be a big famous singer, they could even be your aunty’s, your cousins, or even your next door neighbour.

The definition of a role-model is when you get inspired by someone and you want to be like them. My personal role model would have to be my great - grandfather. He inspires me to work hard and finish strong. He also is a very special person to me and is always loving, caring and sharing.

Do you want a role model? Well, let’s start off! Say you have a favourite hobby and you would want to be a great basketball player when you grow up so you look up to that person. For Example : Stephen Curry. I think he’s a really good basketball player and also is a very good shooter.

Do you want to become a role model? Well follow these steps; Well one really good thing is to be good, respectful and kind towards others to spread kindness, so that others can follow along and be a person being inspired by you one day.

Now you know some great tips on how you can be a good role model and how you and others can be and choose a role model, you can share this with others!

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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