Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Mitchell - Musical Madness ( Reflection ) - Extension

Hey Bloggers! Here is my reflection this term for our projects based on Musical Madness! :

This term this term/school wide focus was “ Musical Madness “. The term was all about creating music, playing music, and using music throughout our school work. Well, this term the Yr 7 & 8 Extension Group had the opportunity to create our very own band in groups of 4. My group concluded of Simon, Kyron, Noah and myself.

We first had to pick a genre to match the music we were going to be creating. My group chose the genre “ Rap “ and also everyone agreed to make/create and research for the genre, planning, lyrics and music beats. We decided to pick a few bits and pieces from our favourite rap songs and mix it all together to make a great masterpiece.

So then we started! Every wednesday we would make progress into our projects. Adding text to lyrics, research and planning. For our planning we had to plan what kind of lyrics we were going to make, research history about and where rap started, we had to also make beats/music for our track.

The most difficult part I found was creating the lyrics. Everytime we rapped the lyrics with the music it was always not right in time or the beat was just too fast. In the end, the solution was to change up the beat slower and in time, and to mix up and change a few lyrics so it was easier to read.

The most challenging part was creating the research. I surfed the internet for so many different facts and history about rap! It was very challenging because I had to find pictures of rappers, I had to find out specific dates for example: when rap was created and heaps more about the history of rap.

Another challenging project in the process was the scratch and coding process. We had to get out different kinds of sources such as play-dough, aluminum foil, small pieces of cardboard, tape and paper cups to create an energy source for our scratch game. We also had to get some coding pieces of music from “Scratch” to create a similar beat to ours on Garageband.

Speaking of garageband we created our beats/music on garageband using different kinds of instruments such as electric guitar, piano, drums and electric techno beats all provided from Garageband. In the end we made up a cool, funky beat for our project!
It was a really fun experience.

I think one thing we had to work on was focusing and spending time on our work alone!

Thanks for reading!

By Mitchell.M

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