Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia Night

On Wednesday night it was Fiafia.There were heaps of people there waiting to see the big performance.There were people selling Food and heaps of other stuff there for people to eat.All of the groups were getting changed in their changing rooms.When the groups finished getting changed they went to sit down with there group until it was there time for their group to perform.When it was there time to perform people were cheering and putting money in the Koha Boxes.At the end of there performance they would sit down back down in there places and watch other groups perform.At the end of Fiafia the parents would pick up there children from there changing rooms and take them home. The End 

By Mitchell

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  1. Hi Mitchell, I am really impressed with your recount about Fiafia. You have described the evening very well, using specific vocabulary such as "people were cheering", "koha boxes", "heaps of people waiting to see the big performance." I would love to hear more about what your experience was - how did you feel when you were getting ready? How did you feel on stage when everyone was cheering for you?
    It was such a spectacular night, and I was absolutely exhausted at the end of it! How were you feeling?
    Well done!