Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mitchell's Holiday

During the school holidays i did a lot of stuff. Straight after school i walked home with my sisters. Then i ran to my bed because i was so tired. After my mum and dad finished work we went to mission bay. We played on the beach with the sand and the shells. Then we crossed the road to go to the shops to buy ice cream. It was so yummy. Then we went back to the beach and ate our ice cream. After that we went back home and we watched a movie. The movie was Oz the great and powerful. I watched part of it and then went to sleep.

The next day we stayed home and did a lovo. In fijian lovo means an underground stove.I stayed home waiting for my dad. He went to go get some banana leaves for the lovo. Some of my uncles and aunties came and my cousins came. My grandparents came to my house too to come and eat. Before everyone came i helped my dad set it up. My dad put rocks around the fire and was getting it ready. I went to the car to go to the car to get the banana leaves to wrap all the food up with the foil inside.

I went to go get the meat from the fridge. The meat was wrapped up in foil so then we can wrap it up in the banana leaves and then burn it in the fire. I went to give the meat to my dad and he wrapped it up with the banana leaves. My mum quickly went to the shop to go buy coconut  cream to put on all the meat. Then she came back and gave it to my dad. My dad put the coconut cream all over the meat. It looked so delicious. Then my dad put all the meat in the fire to heat it up. There was smoke  everywhere.

Then later on everyone was coming to my house. I helped my dad take out the meat out of the banana leaves and put it in big bowls. Everyone was hungry. We all prayed and then went to eat. It was so yummy. Then we went to put some juice in the drink dispenser so everyone could have a drink. Also it was my grandpas birthday. So we went to go get some cake. The cake looked so delicious. But i didn’t eat any cake. I went to the park with my cousin leila and my sisters. Then we came back home and we saw all the cake finished.

Then everyone was going. I said bye to everyone and then they left. The next day i stayed home. Then we went to go pick Ryan up from his house. Ryan was having a sleepover at my house. We went to countdown to go shopping. Me and ryan helped my mum go shopping. After we went shopping we went back home. We were playing minecraft on my tablet. We were playing outside and then went to go eat on the outdoor table. We went inside to go play games on my computer. Then we went to the shop to buy some lollies.

We walked to the shop to buy some lollies. When we came back it was getting dark. We were getting our pillows and blankets ready in the lounge and went to our couches then we were watching a movie on the tv. Then i fell asleep and ryan and my sisters were still watching the movie. The next day i stayed home with ryan and my sisters and my mum and dad. Then ryan went with his mum and dad in the car. Ryan was going back to kenya. I said bye to him and then he left in his car.
Then i went to drama.

We practiced the ailao with the sticks until 2:00. Then we went swimming. The whole drama group went swimming. I went to get changed and then went swimming. The water was so cold. We were in the cold water for so long. Then finally we went in the warm water. It was soooo warm. Then we left the pools. Me and my sister walked home. Then we were playing with our little baby cousin Eli. He is so cute. He was playing with my dog clifford. He was screaming because he thought my dog was going to bite him.

Then on saturday i went roller skating. Roller skating was so fun. I went with my whole family. Me and my sisters and my mum and dad went skating. My dad kept falling down. He didn’t know how to skate. I teached him how to skate. We stayed there for 3 hours because at 4:00 my mum and dad were working at rainbows end. Our nana looked after us at home. We went to church the next day. My sister went to sunday school and me and my 2 other sisters didn’t want to go to sunday school.

We were singing and reading the bible. My mum and dad were working. After church all of us from church went to Valentines. We went there to go eat lunch. For lunch i had chips with mayonnaise. It was so yummy. Then i had dessert. For dessert i had peaches. That was yummy. I had it with hot chocolate. It was so yummy. Then we left to go home cause we were so tired. We watched a movie then fell asleep.The next day at night time my family went to skycity to go celebrate my auntys graduation. We went to go have dinner.

For dinner i had sushi and pizza and some other things. Then after i quickly finished my dinner i ran straight to go get some dessert. The dessert was so yummy. I had chocolate ice-cream cake and some lollies with some vanilla ice-cream. It was so yummy i went back to go get some chocolate ice-cream cake. It was delicious. Everyone went to go get drinks. I went to get my drink. I was drinking coke. Then everyone was finishing their dessert. So we were going to leave. Everyone left and said bye.

We went to go find our car. There was this touch screen tv to find your car. It said type in your number plate. I typed in my number plate for my car. Then i saw my car. I touched it and it showed us the directions to our car. That was so cool. We went to our car and drove home. We went home and went to go to sleep. The day after that we stayed home and watched tv. When it was dark we went to go drop my mum off to work. She was working at vector arena for the Ricky Martin concert. When we dropped her off we went with our dad to get some pizza.

After we finished our pizza we went home to watch a movie. We were falling asleep. The movie nearly finished and then we went to sleep. When it was still dark at 10:00 we went to go pick up my mum. It was cold outside. I was so tired. We picked up my mum and then went straight back home. I went in my bed to go wrap my blanket around me. I was so warm then i fell asleep. The next day was school i got ready for school. I was ready for the first day of school. I was so excited to go back to school. The End.

By Mitchell.

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