Friday, 24 July 2015

Mitchell Holiday Highlight Wedding 2015

During the school holidays i went to my Uncle and Auntys  wedding. We were all getting dressed up at my Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother’s house. Then we all left to go to the wedding. The wedding was at St Oswald's church. Everyone went to sit down. Then the song was playing. My aunty was singing the song. Then my other aunty came walking in with their baby. My baby cousin's name was Jireh. Then my aunty walked in. She was wearing her veil and her white dress. Then she came to my uncle. Then they were holding hands. Then this man did a big speech. Finally the man said you may kiss the bride. Then we went to the reception. The reception was at the Commerence Club of Auckland. We had to wait for my uncle and my aunty. They were taking wedding photos.

Then my uncle and aunty came to the door. Everyone was Joyful. My little Tiny cousins were hungry. All the kids went to eat first. There were lots of people who were Greedy for food. We were all Selfish. There were lots of cupcakes too. I went to go make tea with my cousin. There was Green tea, English Breakfast,Earl Grey but my favourite was English Breakfast. Then we went to go sit down. Then my uncle and aunty did a big speech. After that we were all dancing. We were dancing until 11:00. Everyone else went away. My family stayed. I was playing with my cousins. Then after that we all left to go home. We were all going to Valentines the next day. It was going to be fun.

Then we went to Valentines. All my nana's, auntys,uncles,cousins and my family were there. When we got there we were all talking. Then we all went to go get our food. I got some sushi and some Butter chicken with some chips on tartae sauce. Then we went to go get dessert. I got some whipped cream first it was yummy. Then i got some peaches. I love peaches. It was so yummy. Then i went to go get some drinks. After everyone ate we went to go to my uncles house to celebrate their wedding. When it was night time we went to their house to go have a BBQ. I had some meat patties and a sausage. I was thirsty so i went to go have a drink. Then after that i went to go play with my cousins. We were playing outside. Then it was dark so everyone left.

The next day everyone was going back to Fiji early in the morning. The End. By Mitchell.

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