Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mitchell Creative Writing- The Plane

WALT: Use adverbs to make our writing exciting.
Text type: Narrative
Helpful Links:
List of adverbs which might help you.  


P1: Introduction:

P2: What happened

P3: Conclusion:
Once you have finished draw an image that represents your writing in sumo paint or ABC paint. And post your writing to the blog and blog log.

Start Writing Here: I was walking with all of my friends to the Airport. Suddenly i heard this sound. I thought it was only a little fly flapping his wings. But suddenly the little sound got louder and louder. I said to all my friends “Can you hear that sound” They said Yes. I nervously looked behind me. There was a Humongous plane behind us. I loudly screamed “RUN” We all ran for our lives. I was on the side of the plane. I dived down like i was going to score a try for a rugby game. All of my other friends were safe. They ran with me. Three of my friends got hit and they were injured. One of them had a broken leg and the two others injured their face by bumping into the plane and flying and then falling down on their face. I was thinking about how the plane was going to stop. The plane slowed down and went on fire. All the people in the plane were very lucky. They fell and crashed the windows and fell out the plane before the plane set on fire. Three of my friends and the people that were on the plane walked into the airport. All the workers called for help and they called 111. We needed the Ambulance truck for the Injured people,We needed the fire truck to set out the fire and we needed the police to come and make sure everyone was ok and made sure no one went around that area. The news reporters came talking all about it. I was on the news with my friends getting Interviewed. The story was on the front page of the newspaper. Everyone was talking about it. The plane driver hit his head on the ground and had brain damage. He couldn’t even remember what had even happened. 3 months later my friends were ok. They got better and all the people on the plane got better too. We were all happy. The End.

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