Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mitchell Ambassador Application

Bula Vinaka and Malo e lelei my name is Mitchell. I am part Fijian from my Mum's side and part Tongan from my Dad’s side. I am a Year 5 Student in Room 9 and 10 and 10 Years Old. My teacher is Mr Baxendine. I am also from the Year 5 and 6 Extension group for 2015. I am applying for the 2016 Pt England Ambassadors. I would love to be an ambassador for 2016. I got really good skills an ambassador could have like being polite to New Visitors,Using Appropriate Language at the right time and being very Responsible everywhere. I am also good at remembering stuff like Speeches to present in front of other visitors.

Learn: I have Learned lots of things from my teacher Mr Baxendine. He has taught me heaps of stuff this year. This was fun to learn new stuff every day. 

Create: One thing I created this year was my game animation. I used Hypo-studio to draw my new game design. In the game I was the character and I had to try get to other levels with the security guard shooting me.

Share: I have shared lots of my Reading,Writing and Maths on my blog. Hundreds of people have commented on my blog. Hundreds and thousands of people over the world have visited my blog. That is very cool.  I hope you choose me to be a Pt England Ambassador. I understand if you do not accept this Application. Thank you for reading my Application.
By Mitchell .

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