Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mitchell Mountain Narrative

Long time ago in 1835 in the land of Invergargill there were 4 best friends Maungarei, Tongariro, Taupo, and Ruapehu. They were big pieces of rocks and dust except Ruapehu she was made out of snow. There was a young lady who lived with them a Tainui anctress who was looking for her lost family. The 4 friends wanted to help the lady so they decided to have a race up to Waikato. Ra the Sun didn’t want them to go so he set up a plan to get them stuck. The young Tainui lady climbed on their backs and the race was going to start.

Tahi Rua Toru  Booom! the race started. Mangurei was running for his life. Tongariro was just worrying about how he was going to show off in front of Ruapehu. Ruapehu was not impressed. She just wanted to help her friend the Tainui Lady. Well Tapou was just at the back  shrugging like he didn’t know what to do even though he was the biggest out of all of them.  They were so fast they went past Christchurch. Papatuanuku the mother of Earth made a earthquake to make them shake. They all slipped over to the North Island and they landed in Wellington.

They were shocked they did not know what to do when they just hit the ground but they still carried on with the race. They slipped and turned and kept on going. They went to Napier and kept running. Then Ra the Sun knew it was time. He was going to let out the sun light and when it touches them they will permanently stay there forever. Then it finally happened. Tongariro stopped in Napier and Tapou fell and slipped in a Lake. He became so angry he blew up.

Ruapehu drifted off with the wind and her snow up North trying to run away but she became rock and snow. Maungarei was the only chance to get the Tainui lady back to Waikato to her tribe. Maungarei went past Waikato. The Tainui lady was trying to tell him to go back but it was too late the sun kept following him. He reached Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) and he stayed there and he was known as Mt Wellington because Wellington was the first place on the North Island he went to and touched.

Maungarei stayed there forever but the Tainui lady still needed to go to Waikato. So she went to go vist all of them in the form of a bird. She thanked all of them for trying to help her but in the end she could do it by herself. They all became best friends forever.

The End. By Mitchell.

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  1. Wow Mitchell, what an awesome story! You have done a great job of introducing the characters in your story, and describing their journey up from Invercargill. Great first narrative for the year! Well done.