Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mitchell Volcanoes of the World

WALT: We learnt to research a range of texts and put it in our own words. We also learnt how to Reference.

We had to create a Google Maps to show people on our blog to show people volcanoes around the world. What we did was we went on google maps and clicked a button called “My maps”. Then we clicked create so we could pin our volcanoes on our map. We got a plus sign and put it on a volcano. Then we named it (Example: Pt 12) and put information about the volcano in the description box.

The reason why we made one of our own google maps was because we want to show people 15 or more volcanoes in NZ or around the world. A place where hundreds of volcanoes gather is in the Pacific Ring of Fire. It causes thousands of earthquakes. I had really fun learning about volcanoes.

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