Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mitchell Real Life Hero's - Christian the Lion

In London England 2 Australian men named John and Ace raised up a lion for sale named. Later on they moved to another country. They named him Christian because they would always train and teach him skills at a local church. They taught him as he grew up much older. One day John and Ace decided to let Christian into the wild and set him free so they let him loose into Kenya, Africa.

A couple of years later they decided to meet up with Christian the Lion again because they missed him so much. When they arrived in Africa they just found out that Christian was the leader of his pride.

John and Ace were proud of him. They finally found out were Christian and his pride lived and found him. Some people thought Christian the Lion would not remember John and Ace and something bad will probably happen to them but that was false. The golden lion dashed to their face hugging them with his paws. They were relieved.

They were happily crying for joy. Then after some minutes of reunitement Christian introduced his wife to John and Ace. John and Ace have been heros by raising a lion to be a leader of a lion pride.

By Mitchell  

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