Friday, 10 June 2016

Mitchell Avengers Assemble Narrative

“Whew” Captain America said. “ We saved the day ” Their mission was just finished. That night the Avengers had a party with treats,beverages and the finest food dishes in town celebrating a month of saving people across the globe. In the dark glowy sky in space lay Thanos resting on his throne made out of hard rock and lava. He watched beyond the Avengers celebrating. He wanted to be like them world famous,rich saving people. He decided to make a plan and destroy the Avengers to become the leader of the universe.

He made Iron man clones to hypnotise all to follow him and his ways. Petter Pots had heard what Thanos had said and told the Avengers immediately. “ Thanos is planning on ATTACK!!! ” she shouted with fear. Hawkeye disliked him since he was a child. Thanos was the one who had wanted to kill his family but still never had the chance too.

On one afternoon Thanos was ready. He wore galaxian machine guns and flew down to earth with his robotic army. They landed on earth about 15 kilometers away from the headquarters on a field waiting to attack. The Avengers team looked out the window and knew it was time. “ Avengers ASSEMBLE !!!!!” They charged out the door to the robots. BOOM SMASH WHACK in a robots face.

KAPOW WWW smashing 50 at once. PLUSHHHHHHHHHHHHH the sound of a flamethrower smashing a thousand. Punching,smashing whatever you name it they were down in a second. They finally came up to Thanos the ruler of the robots. Chuck Chuck walking up to him. “ What do you want?” “I want to be ruler” No one will be ruler. You will never be ruler He cried in pain.

Be ruler of your own planet. “ I will try” he cried. He flew back up into the sky slowly vanishing away. The Avengers happy. They also recycled all of the metal robots.The avengers were in the radio,news,newspaper,and magazines. They were heros. Safe Heros.
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The End
By Mitchell

Fri 10 June 2016

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  1. What a great piece of descriptive writing, Mitchell! Remember to proof read your writing before publishing it. I really like your last 2 sentences - it is very effective! Keep up the good work!