Tuesday, 28 February 2017

|| Mitchell - Visual Mihi || - 2017

Hello! Here is my Visual Mihi I have created on Hyperstudio. We have been asked to draw down 4 things that is important/special to us. Let's begin! In the top left corner are some flags which represent my culture/nationalities. It is the Tongan and Fijian flag flying on a pole with a small icon - a coconut tree which represents the islands. In the top right corner is a Bible and a cross in the sky which represents the lord Jesus, my religion Christianity. In the bottom left corner is letters going across which spells Family. Underneath it is a big red heart with some diamonds on them which means I love my family/them. In the bottom right corner is some icons such as a plane,suitcase,coconut tree,camera,and the statue of librety which represents Travel. I love to travel. And the last one in the middle is a drawing of me. 

Thanks for stopping by.
By Mitchell M.

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