Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Attitude Talk - 2018

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Hey Bloggers! Today the Year 7 & 8 Intermediate Block at Pt England School had an talk today at school with a representative from an organisation "Attitude". His name was Tony and he talked to us about how we can change our choices, what kind of personalities we match to, and what kind of choices we make. 

We filled out this personality test and depending on what our hobbies are we got matched to an animal. Here are the different kind of animals : Otter = funny, bored easily, class clown. Lion = confident, leader, and competitive and much more. Golden Retriever (Dog) = Kind, Caring, Loving. Beaver = smart, clever, get's work done, multi-tasker! 

I got matched to a Beaver and I do kind of think this is true. I like getting work done and studying my school work which is fun for me! But I also do love being crazy and having a little bit of fun sometimes! 

If you would like to fill out this quiz then visit : https://www.attitude.org.nz/personality-test/ and find out which animal you match to. It's great fun!

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