Monday, 30 April 2018

Mitchell - Fiafia Night Experience

Hey Bloggers! We just came back from our 2 week school holiday which was really fun for me! Anyways 3 weeks ago we had our annual school Fiafia Night! It was really amazing. The evening before the night the teachers had already set up the stage and more. Everyone had to arrive at a certain time which was at 6:00 pm. Families of the school had been hosting food stalls such as selling island foods, cakes, drinks, sausages and much more!

Fijian Group!
Then finally the night came! Every group had to get changed into their costumes for their Fiafia Group and had to sit in their lines. It was kind of raining so everyone was kind of getting wet! The first performances started with all sorts of groups including : Kapa Haka, Asian Burmese, Cook Island Group and heaps more.

My group was the 11th group to peform before the Ukulele Group. Finally it was our turn. Our costumes were perfectly on, had our fans in our hands and then the music started!
( if you didn't know i was in the fijian group :D ) We started dancing and it was so much fun!

The lights were shining bright as we were dancing. Also I dedicated my dance to my great grandparents who recently travelled back to Fiji after 33 years! After our really cool dance we headed off stage and celebrated! We went back to our dressing room and got changed!

We finally left school! It was a really cool night but it was worth all of the practice.

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M



  1. Bula vinaka Mitchell! I loved reading your post - the Fiafia night was electrifying even if the weather was terrible. But beautiful dedication to your great grandparents, they would've loved it!

  2. Well done Mitchell. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I thought all the groups were amazing.