Monday, 14 May 2018

Free Writing - Mitchell

In a small town on the edge of a huge island in Hawaii lived 2 best friends. They were named Kalani and Kai. They would hang out everyday writing stories, playing cards and most of all they loved swimming. One day at school they had been asked to finish a science project which was apparently supposed to be a time machine. There teacher had been waiting for it to be done. So the glued up all the broken pieces, attached all the right wires and did everything they could do to complete this. Lunch time came to a conclusion and they were ready to reveal their project. They quietly crept into the classroom as they were prepared for what will happen next.

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The teacher finally walked in and asked to see their project. She lifted up the sheet of the 70 inch project and her jaw dropped. The lights flickered in her eyes as she examined the masterpiece.She asked curiously “how does this work?, I mean this is amazing!” they pressed a couple of buttons and were ready to show how it works. The friends walked together and in the blink of an eye they disappeared. The teacher was astonished. She said in a quiet voice “ it worked…”. Meanwhile Kalani and Kai were travelling into the past.  “Ahh” kalani squealed. “Where are we?” she questioned. They were travelling back in time to Ancient Hawai’i.

Bam! They landed in a tropical forest full of hibiscus flowers, coconut and palm trees, lush green grass, bright coloured birds and a flowing river which was connected to a giant waterfall. They also saw Hawaiian women beautifully dancing the Hula Dance. Suddenly a small piece of paper appears in front of them which read “ In order to go back you need to save the Mauna Kea volcano from erupting!

You have 3 days!”“What?, we have to save the people of this island from getting burnt by lava?” she screamt! “Yeah basically!” she replied. They walked over for a good 15 minutes to the nearby village. Kalani was fluent in Hawaiian so she could speak and understand. They walked to the chief and Kalani was ready. Dressed in modern clothes she went inside the chief's house and started talking!

“Aloha oe!” she quietly spoke. In Hawaiian she softly said “We were sent here from the future to warn you about what’s going to happen in the next few days. Mauna Kea will erupt very soon. The village has to flee” she said. The chief replied “How’d you get here?”. They replied “We came from the future so you’ll find out later”.They chief banged drums together with a chant calling all the villagers in for a meeting. In Hawaiian legends it is said if a white dog appears near a volcanic summit that is a warning of the volcano erupting soon enough. Right then and there it appeared and then walked off. The leaders were aware of this legend and had asked everyone to pack and leave.
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They packed clothes, food, and everyday supplies. Everyone that night left on the waka and sailed into away from the volcano. BOOM! The sound of the volcano erupting interrupts their travel. The light glow of lava a golden orange colour bursts into the sky making it jaw-dropping for Kalani and Kai. They weren’t use to this. Flowers of fire were exploding everywhere. They travelled to the island Maui. In the morning they ate sweet potato and banana for breakfast with coconut milk. “Thank you very much” Kalani said to the chief and the elders. “Your welcome” they replied in Hawaiian. The time machine appeared in their face and they went back to the future arriving at school.

At school they explained to their teacher what happened and she was very proud.

The End.

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