Thursday, 7 June 2018

Kauaeranga Christian Valley Camp - Recount

Term 2 had finally arrived! The smell of smoky petrol flaming up your nose from the buses, Zips and zaps from fully packed bags in the hall, children talking , chattering and gossiping, teachers sorting out groups and others entering into the hall. Everyone had a ginormous smile on their face ready and prepared for the camp to come. 

All the boring meetings discussed between the students and teachers had finally finished. I couldn’t wait to hop onto the bus! Our group got ahold of some bags, chucked it in the bottom of the bus and sat on our seats. I dashed to the back of the bus with my friend and we buckled our seatbelts in. We were so pumped to go and didn’t know what to expect.

2 long awaited hours went by… “Brrrrrrrr!” goes the sound of the bus stopping at the entry of the camp. All we saw was large blue coloured letters spelling Kauaeranga Christian Valley Camp. Everyone’s faces glowed up as the scenery of the camp was covered with long bushy green trees. We hopped out onto the rocky gravel excited for what was going to happen next. 

The smell of fresh mist from the mountains had been exposed to our body feeling cold and shivering. We unpacked and put everything in our cabins. The next day had begun sun shining on us, breakfast had been eaten and the cold mist had whooshed onto our bodies. We got put into our designated locations for our different camp activities we were going to complete. 

We got assigned to Go Karts! At first I was nervous but I questioned to myself is this activity safe? I saw a glimpse of dollar store helmets and metal covered seatbelts sitting next to the Kart. “Ahhhhh!” everyone screamt as they emotion of joy rolled out. Everyone had their turns of fun in the slippery and dirty mud as it splashed along the sides of the cones nearby. 

Finally a couple of minutes went by and my name got called “Mitchell! It’s your turn!” Tyson said in a deep voice. I had clicked in my helmet onto my head before so I was well prepared. I walked to the Kart feeling petrified. I had sat down on the squeaky rubber seat, clicked in my cotton metal covered seatbelt and all I could do was worry. “And...Go!” I put my foot down on the gas break and it started moving.

I added more pressure to the gas break and it moved faster. At this moment I knew I could control myself driving this vehicle. I dashed through the coloured cones sliding across the chocolate coloured mud flying by. “Ahhhhhh!!!” I screamt with joy as I happily slid across. “Uh oh!” I realized I was approaching an large obstacle full of mud and dirt.
I can do this I thought to myself! 

The rubber wheels hit the mud and the Kart spin around creating mud circles and Go Kart Donuts! Mud splat in the sky and the smell of dirt hit my nose. “Vroommm!” I sped past all of that mud and sped to the coloured cones nearby. I stopped the Go Kart, unbuckled myself out of it and hopped out with a happy face as I happily walked back to the back of the line waiting for my next turn!

Thanks for Reading!
By Mitchell.M

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