Friday, 14 September 2018

Tongan Language Week

Hey Bloggers! If you didn't know last week was Tongan Language Week! On Friday the school celebrated Tongan Language Week by getting some of our own school students to perform some Tongan Dances on the stage. 

Girls were wearing Tongan costumes such as mats, headpieces, and necklaces too. The boys were wearing necklaces and were also wearing mats and plastic skirts.

Everyone who was performing got called up to the stage and got into their positions. Firstly a couple of students had said some speeches in Tongan. Then everyone got into their spaces and the music started to play!

The girls hands started twirling and moving. Their head started to move and shake as their hands clapped. 

Then it was the boys turn. They had sticks and started dancing. 

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By Mitchell.M

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