Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mitchell Best Birthday ever

My Best Birthday Ever!

One of my best birthdays was when i turned 9 years old. I went to Rainbows End with my whole family and i went with Simon too. First we went on the Pirate ship. We had to hold on to these bars and then the lady started the ride. We went up and down. I had butterflies.

The next ride was Invader. It was fun. I kept on turning around in my chair. It was kind of scary. It hurt my back because there were no seat belts. I went up in the air it was so cool. Then i went on the Gold Rush. The Gold rush was a very long line to wait. Finally me and Simon got to the front of the line.

It was so fast it was so scary. We were screaming and everyone could hear us. Finally we were at the end. We ran straight away to the Log Flume. The Log flume was so fun. It was a rainy day. We got wet all over our clothes. We couldn’t wait until we got under shelter. But the most scary part was at the end of the ride.

We were freaking out and went straight down the waterfall and got wet everywhere.
We went to go look at our photos they took while we went down the waterfall. We looked closely at our faces. We looked like we were going to fall off. It was so fun.
After that we were so tired. Our clothes were getting dry. We went on the bumper cars.

The Bumper cars were hard for me to drive.
I wanted to get out of the bumper car straight away. I kept on bumping into other cars and was going the wrong way. I wanted to go the dinosaur ride straight away. It was a short line so we were just waiting for a short time. Then we got to go on the ride. We put on 3D glasses and our chairs we were sitting on were moving.

It was so fun. Then we went to Kidz kingdom. There were rides for little kids there. Then it was getting dark and we left. That day was really fun. When it was night time we went to a restaurant in mission bay. The food was so yummy. We had traffic light drinks. They were so cool. Then we went to go get frozen yogurt.

I had vanilla flavour with peanuts caramel sauce and some lollies. It was so fun and then we dropped Simon off home. I went home and was so tired. I had some leftover cake from the fridge. Then i went to the lounge with my family and watched a movie. It was Cats and Dogs.

My mum gave me my present and it was a Samsung Tablet. I downloaded lots of games on my tablet. It was her old phone but she brought a new phone and she gave her Tablet to me. I was so happy. I was so tired after that i fell asleep at 10:30.

That was one of my best birthdays ever in my whole entire life. Thanks for reading my story about one of the best birthdays ever. The End. By Mitchell

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  1. I Love your story son keep it up love mum xo