Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mitchell Year 5 and 6 Camp

On Wednesday morning i got changed into my mufti clothes and rushed to school because it was the first day of camp for the Year 5 and 6. I was so excited. I ran to the hall to tell Mr Baxendine that my mum would drop my stuff off at morning tea. Everyone had all their bags in the hall.

My mum helped in the morning getting all the stuff ready for camp today. When the bell rang we sat down in our lines. We got into our group lines. My group was True Crew. It was the best group than all of the other groups cause we had lots of points. My teacher for my group was Mr Baxendine. He was the best Camp group teacher out of all of the teachers.
They told us where to sit. Then they told what was our first activity. My first activity was Top town. We had these wooden boards to stand on and was not allowed to touch the grass.

We had to pass the board all the way to the front so the people in the front would put it in front of them and stand on it and we kept on doing it until we got all the way to the end. The end was orange cones and we had to try beat the other team to our cones to finish the race. The other team came first but we still had to do some other activities. We had to fill up some water balloons cause we were going to do a water balloon fight. I only got wet on my legs but not on my clothes i thought i was gonna get wet everywhere but i didnt. Then we went to the ski run.

The ski run was kind of hard because you had to put your feet on the ground at the same time as the person in front of you but it was kind of easy for me. You have to hold on to the persons shoulder in front of you so it would be easier. Then after that we went to the slingshot. We had tennis balls to throw to the people that was trying to catch it. 2 people had to try catch it and if they did not catch it we do not get 1 point

We needed 15 points to finish it. We had turns putting the ball in the slingshot. Then we went to the gumboot throw. We had to try get 15 points too. We kept throwing gumboots on the mat. There was a little pink gumboot. It was easy to throw because it was so little. Then we ran to our flag to put it up. Then we sang our chant. 2468 who do we appreciate not the queen not the king its all about the true crew. We finished top town.

We got 100 points for teamwork and participation. Then we went to another challenge. We went to the amazing race. The amazing race was my favourite. We had ipads to record the challenges that we have done. We ran to these black cardboard boxes and opened it. It had a piece of paper inside and we read the paper to see what we had to do. One person had to record us doing the challenge. Our first challenge was really hard.
We had to get these wooden things and roll it on these rolling things. The whole team had to get on the board and then try get to the other side in between the cones. We did that one and recorded it. Our next one was on the bottom field. We had to try flip the sheet with our feet without touching the ground or else you were out. We did it and recorded it. The next one was in the breeze. 2 people painted their faces and the other people in your team dressed up. I dressed up with these big as sunglasses and this really black hat with silver glitter on it.

We had to take pictures of the people that were dressed up and the people that were painting their faces had to take a video of them painting your face. Then we went on the field. Our next one was throwing balls in the hula hoops. Each throw was 2 points and we had to get 100 points it was taking a long time. I was the person who was recording. After that it was lunch time. I was so tired. We had cookies and milk. It was yum. Then we went to the pools to go have a swim because we were all hot.

After that we had free time at school. All of us were in our tents, playing sports, playing handball,and playing on the park. Then it was getting dark. We had dinner then brushed our teeth. Then we went to go watch a movie. The movie was the lego movie. It was so long. Then we went to sleep. The next day we had breakfast and then went to go brush our teeth and get our togs ready to go swimming. We went to go swimming at the gi pools.

It was really fun. Then we went rollerblading and playing ping pong and basketball in the hall. Some of us were practicing the dance moves. I was on the roller blades because it was my favourite. After that we went to practice our dance. It was so easy. Then the boys went to the field. We went on the field to go make corn fritters with Whaea Saf. It was so yummy. We were singing and dancing with the rakau. Then we had lunch. Then we were getting ready for the Concert.

The concert was at night time. We all had dinner and went to the hall. We all did our performances. The true crew which was my team performed last. We had glow in the dark bracelets. It was so fun. Then the next day we had breakfast then we were packing our stuff and went to the year five and six area. We were talking and then we went to go home. Camp was so fun. By Mitchell.

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