Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mitchell Recount Paragraph- Marked

On Monday 7th September 2015 it was Cross Country at Pt England School. It was a beautiful day. We have it every year. At Cross Country you have to run with your own year. The first people that run are the Year 1 Boys right up to the Year 8 Girls. Your teacher would tell you what your house colour is. Te Arawa is Red, Tainui is Blue, Matatua is Green and Takitimu is Yellow. I was in Takitimu.
The day before Cross Country you have to pack in your bag a Coloured T-Shirt. For Example if you were in Takitimu you had to bring a Yellow T-Shirt to School.                     

Cross Country starts at 1:00 pm every year. We have a early lunch then we go with our teachers to go to the hard court to go sit down and wait for our Principal Mr Burt. Mr Burt will tell us the rules of where to go and where not to go. Year 1,2 3 and 4 kids have someone in front of them so they know where to run. If they don't have someone in front of them they wouldn’t know where to go.

I was a School Photographer. I was taking photos of the school while they were waiting. I took photos of all the kids sitting down waiting for their turn. I was taking photos of teachers wearing their house colours and parents hoping that their child would come first. I took photos of kids cheering for their brothers and sisters too.

Then Mr Burt called up all the Year 1 boys. He was talking to them. Then he got his Wooden thing. The wooden thing makes a big clap sound. Instead of saying Go he bangs the thing together and makes a big clap sound. All of the Year 1 boys were very nervous. Mr Burt said On your Mark Get Set and Clap. They all ran. They were so fast. While the first person out of the Year 1 Boys went around the corner they were all getting the Year 1 Girls ready. Then the first person of the Year 1 Boys came. Everyone was Cheering.

Then it was time for the Year 1 Girls. My little 5 year old sister was in the race. I was smiling at her. I was so proud of her. Then Mr Burt did the same thing. Then he put together the wooden thing. It clapped. At first my sister did not know what to do. Then she saw other girls running so she went and ran with them. She was so fast.

Then it was the Year 2 boys. Mr Burt did the same thing. Then they ran. Everyone was cheering for Ozzie. Then Ozzie did come first. Then it was the Year 2 Girls. My sister Maddison was in there. I was so proud of her too. Then she ran. Me and my mum were cheering for her. She was coming first. Then another girl went to catch up to her. But my sister did not come first she came 2nd. I was so happy.

It was the Year 3 boys. Then the Year 3 girls. My other sister was in there too. Then she ran she was coming first. Then she went around the corner i was cheering for her. Go Levonah. She came 1st. Me and my mum were so proud of her. She was so fast.
Then the Year 4 boys went and the Year 4 girls went.
Then the Year 5 boys turn. It was my turn. I was so nervous and scared.

Then Mr Burt said Go. I was running and so scared. Lots of people in my Year tripped up at the start. I kept on running and running. The i went past the black gate. It was starting to get muddy. I was still running. We had to run down near the reserve. I could taste some of my blood in my throat but i kept on going. I was near the finish line. My mum said try beat the boys in front of me and i did. My mum was cheering for me. I think i came like 12th. My mum was so proud of me. Then i went to go have a drink of water. Then all the other years went.

After school my mum gave us a treat. I was so proud of myself. The End. By Mitchell.

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