Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mitchell Adventure Story Starter 2016

My story starter:  Write one story about taking a journey with a willing explorer who navigates home without a compass

In the luscious amazon were big muddy footsteps in the mud as we were travelling home. Wait I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Mitchell and here is my friend I found along the way Sam. Sam is a professional explorer and is willing to find home without a compass. Let’s Go. As we walk into the slippery mud patches of the Amazon in the creep of time we heard a sound like this “Prushhhhhhhh”!!!! In the corner of Sam’s eye was a fierce tiger with smokey black eyes. The tiger stepped and stepped coming towards us and it sure looked like it was HUNGRY! We dashed through the tall long trees and the tiger chased after us.”Ahhhhhhhh tell my mum I love her” Sam screamt. Luckily the tiger got lost. ‘Phew” I said that was a adventure! “It sure was” Sam puffed. % mins later we met with the famous river. “How are we going to make it across?” Sam questioned. “Hey recently I just finished Year 6 camp,and we made rafts there. We could use some of these vines for ropes and these big logs as seats!” Me and sam put the logs together and wrapped it tightly with some vines. “Let’s ride this thing” I said. We put the raft into the water and let it float. We used some thick branches as paddles. We hopped on and paddles across. “What a creative idea Mitchell” Sam said. “Thanks” I said. Then we continued our journey. 20 mins on our journey we saw some huts. “Umm” these must be the Uncontacted tribes of the Amazon. “They are very dangerous” Let’s go around the huts. “Bingggg” an arrow! We ran and ran until the tribe was finished chasing us. Finally we made it to the city of Brazil. Traffic,Shops people. “I’m home” Sam screamt. “All thanks to you” we will have a big feast. I went to Sam’s house and we and his big family had a delicious meal. After that I went back to New Zealand on the plane. The end.

Walt: write an engaging narrative using descriptive language.

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