Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mitchell Free blog writing

Mitchell - Free blog writing 

One sunny morning the $5 combo gang were playing on the playground. Their names are Yummy Stacker,Salty fries,Frozen flavours,Frosty cream,Apple lava pie and 6 pack bullets. Yummy Stacker is a delicious burger,Salty fries is a pack of french fries,Frozen flavours is a Frozen coke with multiple flavours,Frosty cream is a sundae with caramel and chocolate flavours, Apple lava pie is a Apple pie, and 6 pack bullets is a 6 pack chicken nuggets. 

Meanwhile on the playground they were playing tag. "Swoosh" a local newspaper flew into Yummy stacker's face. He read the newspaper and paused. "All McDonald's restaurants will be shut down today" !!! NO! $5 combo gang will save the DAY!!! They flew in their private jet to the McDonald's headquarters. They arrived at their destination. 

They walked in and talked to Ronald McDonald the creator of McDonald's. "What happened ?" "McDonald's is closing down because the $6 combo gang from Burger king is shutting McDonald's down" he replied. "We have to stop them" the $5 combo gang said. They flew to all the burger king's in the world and said "Why are you doing this?" We want to be the most popular food fast restaurant in the world." all burger king's said.  

"This is not OK " Apple Lava Pie screamt, . She used her hot beaming lava in her pie to burn them. "Ok we will stop they said."

Then McDonald's was put all back together.

The End.
By Mitchell. 

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