Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Mitchell's Holidays!

Guess what? In the holidays I had an amazing time. My baby cousin was born, we went to go get Ice Cream from Pokeno, We went to the night markets, We saw the live television show Sidewalk Karaoke, We went to Hamilton with family, we made blanket forts, we watched the fate of the furious, ate easter eggs, went on a double decker bus for the first time, go to the city, we went to a wedding and so much more! Let me tell you.

Also if you would like to see more of my holiday check out my blog! On the first day of the holidays I think it was easter. We got to eat heaps of chocolate eggs and bunnies! I also blogged about that too.

On the first week as well I went to a huge wedding for my aunty and uncle. It was at a Tongan Church in Glen Innes. There was heaps of people watching and I saw heaps of my cousins too!
There is so much more to tell you! I went to Hamilton with other family so my nana’s hair could get done. While we were waiting we went to go look at some cool shops in the mall and also eat delicious things. I got to eat some Subway. Also after that we went to Hamilton night markets and also got to see the television show Sidewalk Karaoke.

Then a few weeks later me and my family went to Pokeno to get some Ice Cream. I got the 2 flavours Peaches and Cream and Mango Ripple. Mmmmmm…..delicious. It was really sweet so I enjoyed it heaps.

On that same week we went to go get Ice Cream me and my sisters were very lucky to go watch a movie at New Lynn movies. We watched separate movies. I watched Fate of the Furious and my sisters watched The Lego Batman movie. It was sooo cool!

The week before me and my sisters made Blanket Forts. We got some light blankets and spread them around some chairs and the couches. Then we got some comfortable pillows and blankets and put them under. Then we all watched a movie. Those are some good childhood memories.

Then on the last week of the holidays we got to catch a double decker bus to Auckland City! Me and my sisters were so excited. Thanks to my mum we had so much fun. When we arrived we looked in some shops and went to the port to view the World Masters Games for 2017! It was really fun, we ate pizza, we went on bouncy castles, went to different workshops, and we even got to meet Maria Tutaia.

Well anyways that’s what I did for my holidays. Ohh one more thing my new baby cousin was born her name is Lucia. She is so cute. Anyways comment down below what you did in the holidays.

Thanks for reading!

By Mitchell.M

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