Friday, 20 October 2017

Assembly - Mr J - (Instruments)

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Hey bloggers! Did you know it's Niuean Language Week! Cheeeeehoooo! Today at the school assembly the Niuean Language Week Dance group performed today! It was amazing. You can check the post I wrote about it down below. Anyways after the dance Mr Jacobsen the Associate Principal had a few instruments displayed on the stage. He also had a few tricks up his sleeve he could use while playing the instruments.

Displayed on the stage were a conch shell, a shofar, a bugle, and finally a trumpet. First he held up a conch shell. The conch shell was based on the history of the Pacific and Polynesian Islands. He blew through the small hole at the end of the conch shell and it started to make an blowing noise! "Mmmm" was the noise it made. It was awesome!

Then he put it down and then everyone happily clapped. He then got out another instrument named the Shofar! It is originated in the Arabian Deserts and the Middle East! It is used to make special calls! He blew it and it sounded like a beautiful masterpiece. 
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Arabian Shofar! Image Attribution
It was a really nice sound he made. 

Anyways the next instrument was a bugle. Yes a bugle pronounced - boo-gul like google but boogul. He gripped his hands on the long part and blew hard into the hole. He also played the Anzac Remembrance Song! Then finally he blew the golden trumpet. He also played a few songs on there too!

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