Tuesday, 17 October 2017

(Recount) School Immersion Assembly - Mitchell

Hey bloggers! Today was the 1st day of Term 4 for 2017! We just finished the School Holidays and we are now  back into school! If you were reading my blog in the holidays thanks very much! Anyways let's start!

Have you ever felt so good you just want to dance! Well today the whole school felt excited in a way they were very happy. If you didn't know this term's topic for Pt England School is "Musical Madness". This term is all about music! Now each Team gets to perform a special performance about the topic or make a awesome movie! Now let's start the recount!

The assembly started off with Team 1 performing their item! The teachers from Team 1 pulled up an big green table on stage, alongside with some classroom chairs! They sat down in their chairs and pulled out an deck of play cards. The cards were divided between each teacher! They were going to play an original card game " Snap" !

In the background music played and teachers played! They each put one card down for the game to start! It was on! The music in the background changed frequently their emotions changed as well. For Example : their was horror music playing and they would act scared, then exciting/happy music played and the teachers would re-act their emotions depending on the music!

It was really entertaining! The music stopped and everyone cheered for the Team 1 teachers! Then Mr Burt came to the front to tell the school the next performance was "Team 2". Everyone was pumped and ready since they were entertained from Team 1!
The Team 2 teachers began to walk on stage 1 by 1! Miss Gaston had a mini brown ukulele in her hands and started strumming the strings playing "In the Jungle"! Then she started singing and then Miss Peck came along with an bell!
Team 2 teachers singing and playing instruments!

She started ringing an small bell instrument! "Ring, Ring, Ring" the bell goes! Then Miss Tumahai walks on stage with an xylophone and started hitting colours with a small wooden stick! Then finally the team leader" Miss Nalder" walked on stage with a small mini drum set! She started drumming with her hands!

Then they walked off one by one and everyone started to clap for the entertaining performance! Miss Nalder the team leader came to the front of the stage and explained to everyone what Team 2 was learning this term! Then finally everyone couldn't wait for Team 3! 

Team 3 had an song in real life video everyone enjoyed! They would lip-sync lines from a popular song depending on the emotions they had! Mr Moran was very funny! He had funny singing and also he had lip-synced the songs really good! Even Miss King, Miss Eadie, and Miss Davis were lip-syncing the songs too! Mr Moran had asked what are you doing for the holidays? and he replied with a song! It was really cool!

Now Miss King also came to the front of the stage and explained what they were going to be learning about this term! Now Mr Burt told everyone to shout out " Teaamm 4" !
The school was curious on what their movie was going to be about. Mr Jacobsen hit the play button and the movie played!

The first scene showed all the Team 4 teachers in a car! They were making a "Carpool Karaoke". They did similar to what Team 3 did but they lip-synced songs in a car. Every time the song changed the teachers would change seats, change emotions, and also had a few instruments popping in their hands. It was pretty cool. The team leader Mr Somerville explained that they were going to be learning how to play different instruments based on music.

The Teachers Band!
Now finally, the item you've have all been waiting for "Teaaammm fiivvee" shouts Mr Burt! The Team 5 teachers run across the hall racing to the stage! Mr Wiseman pulls out an couch from the side of the stage! Mr Wiseman acts as a father for the play with Ms Tapuke being his wife! They call their other acting patners" Whaea Kelly, Mrs Tele'a, and Miss Ilaoa. They all watch a short clip from the movie Lion King. The music always changes with Simba getting held up in the air! The music depended on their emotions!

The song " Let it go" played and they were completely horrified! "Don't let the baby go" says Mrs Tele'a! They throw popcorn at the screen and are really scared! This term Team 5 are going to be learning about how music in movies can change someones emotions or feelings! Then the assembly ended with a prayer, a korero from Mr Burt and a song " Musical Madness".

Enjoy term 4 bloggers! 

Thanks for reading!
By Mitchell.M

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