Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fijian Coup

Long time ago in 1879 in Fiji came Indians. Indians sailed all the way from India to Fiji. The Indians came to Fiji to work on the Sugar Plantations. No one in Fiji did it. So the Indians did it. They planted the Sugar Canes from 1879-1916. The Fijians decided for the Indians to stop working on it in 1916. The Indians lived in Fiji and became Fijian Indians. Later on in the years they were celebrating religious festivals in Fiji. Like Diwali,Holi and birthdays of Hindu gods and Muslim festivals too. The native people of Fiji were Canibals from 1801 - 1900. Christianity came to fiji in 1900. The native people call Jesus Jisu and worshiped god. In Suva City the Indians worshiped Ganesha the elephant god,Lakshmi the god of peace and other gods for Muslims like Allah and their prophet Mohamed. Then in around the 1980s their was the Fijian Coup. The Fijian Coup was about Indians. Indians wanted to take over Fiji. All the Fijians got all their army all their guns and were killing hundreds of Indians. Indians were fighting back too with their guns bombs it was so dangerous. Fijians did not want all of their false gods in their country. They did not want them in Fiji. Some Indians took over some Fijians and told them to stay. Other countries did not allow Fijians to come to their country either. My Mums Uncle was in the Fijian Army with my grandpa. My grandpa died when my mum was a little girl. Once we went to Fiji and visted his grave. Anyways my mums uncle stayed behind in Fiji. Lots of them were ruled by the Indians. Up in Vanua Levu hundreds of people were still canibals. Even today they still carry on with the Fijian Tradition. Back then in the 1800s if an Indian came to try rule over their Island the natives would get their big sharp stick they kept in the Village and would kill them and eat them. Today Indians still live in Fiji and the Fijian Coup still goes on but all the Fijians still stay and rule in Fiji.

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  1. Wow how amazing Son! You have been a blessing from the start I love you son with all my heart awesome work! xo