Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mitchell Cindy In Da House Review

Mitchell - Reflection/Cindy In Da House-Review
(Extension Work).

On the 22nd-24th of september was our School Production Cindy In Da House. It started at 7:00pm every night and finished at 8:00pm. Each ticket cost $5 each for 1 person.

It was the story about Cinderella but it was G.I styles. At the end Cindy became best friends was Josh. He was the captain of the rugby team. Josh was her best friend instead of a prince and Instead of a glass slipper it was Cindy’s Jandal. Cindy stayed with her step aunty and her cousins. It was so cool.

Review: What i liked about Cindy In Da House is there was Acting,Dancing and Singing. It was so fun. What i did not like about it was nothing. I liked the whole production. I would give it 10/10.

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