Friday, 9 September 2016

Mitchell The life of Usain Bolt

In the small town of Sherwood, Trelawny grew an active young boy named Usain. He was so active his parents once took him to the doctors.  But he was alright it was just that running was on top of his hobbie list.
He always failed in school. He always got distracted and concerned about something going on.

Image result for usain boltAs he grew he loved running more and more and starting to want to compete in world competitions.  At the age of 15 he won two times and that encouraged him to go on the world stage. He went to the olympics but he got beat by some other athletes. He trained and trained until the next olympics in 2004.

He finally beat the athletes in Beijing and won gold that was an unforgettable moment. One race he was sprinting
He did not believe in himself. His mum came and said “Just believe in yourself”

From then on he started to believe and kept winning and winning. Usain Bolt has signed up with Gatorade and just recently signed a lifetime contract.

Thanks for reading. By Mitchell.

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